Lace and Lassos

Rough and Ready

“Lace and Lassos” by Cheyenne McCray is part of the ‘Rough and Ready’ series of novellas and follows Kaitlyn Barrett as she returns to her family’s ranch after being away for eight years. Determined to restore her recent inheritance to a self-sufficient working ranch, Kaitlyn must face many obstacles upon her return, not least of which is the past history she shares with neighbor and former lover Wayne Cameron. Wayne radically changed his life after Kaitlyn walked out but she had moved on and married by the time he had conquered his demons. Kaitlyn has had her own troubled past and hopes to make a fresh start, only to be crushed by her cousin’s staunch opposition to all of her plans. Fearful that she is about to lose both her home and her inheritance, Kaitlyn must decide how to fight for her survival and determine what she values in life. Both Wayne and Kaitlyn must decide whether they are prepared to share their burdens and find happiness in each other’s arms once again.

An enjoyable and steamy quick read. The issues faced by the main characters give them a depth of character that provides realism to the story. A few of the occurrences are resolved a bit abruptly but this is undoubtedly due to the constraints imposed by the brevity of the story. There are intriguing secondary characters who warrant their own spotlights and hopefully there will be more chapters in this entertaining series.

Book Blurb for Lace and Lassos

Eight years ago Wayne Cameron hit rock bottom when Kaitlyn Barrett walked out of his life after she had done everything she could for him. She’d had to do what he couldn’t—walk away from his addictions. Now a decorated soldier, Wayne was Special Forces in Afghanistan but returned to ranching life after an injury taken under fire.

Kaitlyn returns home to Southern Arizona to take over her father’s ranch as she runs away from her demons…and she runs right into Wayne, her first and only real love. Despite her belief that she needs to keep those demons to herself, her and Wayne’s desire and need take them straight to bed. He has everything he wants in life but he wants to burn up the sheets while earning back the love of his life.

Now that Kaitlyn is back, Wayne is determined to show her that he’s a changed man and that he’s there for her as she faces the darkness that once threatened to consume her. Forces are working against Kaitlyn, trying to keep her from finding her new start. But that same element shows her that she really does need Wayne’s love, help, and support.

Together they work to save her ranch and restore a love meant to last for eternity.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00