Key West

Hot in the City, #3

"Key West" by Lacey Alexander is Book 3 of her `Hot In the City' series and it certainly is hot! Carrie Marsh travels to Key West to celebrate, correction, experience what would have been her honeymoon if she hadn't caught her groom and bridesmaid cheating just before the wedding ceremony. A fortuitous encounter with a flirtatious ticket vendor leads her to the few-holds-barred cruise that he crews for and changes her life forever. Carrie has only had one lover in her life and after his stunning betrayal, she is ripe for something to restore her self-confidence. Chris McCann never expected the diffident woman with the angel t-shirt to blossom from the almost wallflower to someone who is in danger of changing his life forever. Chis encourages Carrie to tap her inner wildcat as he leads her on a series of sexual adventures that expose her (literally and figuratively) to new experiences that make her forget the horrific events that led her to Key West alone. A series of increasingly adventurous encounters leads Carrie to question her goals in life and wonder how she will ever go back to her bookstore in Maryland and forget the charismatic and sexy treasure that she has discovered on Key West.

Whew! Make sure the fan (or your partner) is around when you read this very spicy romance. Lacey Alexander displays her usual talent at wordcrafting and transports the reader to the steamy and romantic ambience of the Keys even as she tells an entertaining story. Carrie's journey into the hedonistic lifestyle abounding in Key West is a great escape and an arousing read.

Book Blurb for Key West

The key to sun, sand, and sin is total surrender…

Carrie Marsh is on her Key West honeymoon—alone. After discovering her fiancé fooling around with a bridesmaid on her wedding day, she figures the trip will help her clear her head and move on. But she doesn’t expect inspiration to appear in the form of a tan, sexy boat captain ready to introduce her to the island’s legendary, free-spirited debauchery.

Carrie isn’t the first beach bunny that hard-working, harder-playing Chris McCann has partied with, but peeling away her innocence to find her inner bad girl affects him like no one has before. Her sexual awakening burns hotter than the Key West sun, melting his resistance and incinerating any hope he has of eeping their relationship casual.

All too soon, Carrie’s return to reality is a plane ride away and neither of them is ready for the fantasy to end. But Carrie has a business to return to, and Chris’s livelihood is on the island. And besides, Carrie is just beginning to recover from the wedding that wasn’t, and Chris isn’t a settling-down kind of guy. So it only makes sense to leave the sun, sand, and sensuality of the island behind. But can she walk away from her hedonistic week with Chris without looking back?

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Warning: Contains a ticket to a party cruise where anything goes—the rum punch is flowing, inhibitions (and clothes) disappear, and the captain (and his crew) are ready to cater to every erotic desire. Come as you are…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.75