Keepsake for Eagle Cove

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Keepsake for Eagle Cove

The charm of small town romances is the wealth of characters who form the backdrop for the connection that forms between the main players. I am always in awe of the way this author creates such vivid stories that I want to visit these places he creates. The gradual buildup that allows us to get to know the sometimes very traumatic backgrounds of the hero and heroine is wonderfully revealed even as their characters are disclosed by the way they interact with the challenges they face. I love the contrast between Tiffany’s self-effacing mannerisms and her deadly accuracy with a compound bow even as I rolled with laughter as Devin conquered various obstacles, including the operation of very large machinery.

Learning the unexpected depths of connection between the various denizens of Eagle Cove and the history seen through a pivotal journal give great twists to the story and keep one mesmerized. I haven’t read any other stories in this series yet I think I would have no problem recognizing any of the people in Eagle Cove and I am in awe of the deft way the growth of the relationships is portrayed, but not surprised because I have been a fan since I read the first Nightstalker novel and became hooked by the word artistry this author employs.

“Keepsake for Eagle Cove” by M.L. Buchman is a contemporary romance set in Eagle Cove and introduces Devin, a man running from the complications of his life, who meets a woman who evidently has her own demons she is fleeing from. She has found a way to participate in the close-knit society of the town but hasn’t dared to integrate into it until she meets a man who finally finds a way past her barriers…now she just has to find a way to get past his and discover whether they can heal each other’s scars.

Book Blurb for Keepsake for Eagle Cove

-an Eagle Cove romance-

In the heart-warming conclusion to the Eagle Cove series:

Tiffany Mills hides a secret about the small Oregon Coast town of Eagle Cove. The line between her past and her present grows blurred. Until, with her life as a recluse threatened, she must defend her beloved homestead in the woods.

Devin Robison wants nothing to do with women, at least for now. He needs a summer as far away from his past as he can get. The opposite of Chicago? A renovation job on a remote Oregon lighthouse keeper’s cottage feels just perfect.

But when their pasts collide and their present unfolds, they both discover the Keepsake for Eagle Cove.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50