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Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later Book 3

“Josh” by Catherine Lievens has intriguing elements but didn’t quite mesh for me. I’m not sure whether is was time or length constraints, but I wanted more information. I liked the vocations the guys had (baker and veterinarian) but I was confused and a bit frustrated by the fact that it’s taken 12 years for things to progress, and it only does because there’s an outside interest. I also found it hard to believe that Brian has such a strong bond with his stepfather yet hasn’t been in contact with him. There are several other elements that add to the poignancy of the story yet aren’t fleshed out enough for my tastes and I think it would be lovely if the story was longer with more details about shifters, shimmering, Nixes, and pack structure. I love that this story has a dog shifter and I think that it has great potential, but I also think it needs more depth.

This adult paranormal m/m story is part of the ‘Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later’ series. Josh has to make a decision about both the man he has avoided mating with for 12 years and the mother who abandoned him and his brother when he was a child. Brian is finally ready to move on with his life after spending more than a decade waiting for Josh to acknowledge their bond. Each man must find a way to say what’s in his heart or risk losing the other permanently.

Book Blurb for Josh

Josh has been avoiding his mate, Brian, since they first met twelve years before. He had good reasons at first—he was only sixteen and had just lost the only family he’d ever known—but he knows he can’t continue to stay away, not if he doesn’t want to lose Brian for good.

Brian has been patiently waiting for Josh to get over whatever his problem is, but he knows he can’t wait forever. He loves Josh, has loved him for years, but he doesn’t want to live his entire life waiting for him.

Josh finally decides it’s time to talk to Brian and come clean, no matter how scared he is of rejection. Of course, that’s when his biological mother appears in his life. As if that wasn’t enough, Brian finds out his father has cancer. Will the complications push Brian and Josh apart, or will they bring them together?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 3.50