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The Chronicles of Nick, #2

Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the second in her Chronicles of Nick series and picks up where Infinity left off. Young Nick Gautier has survived high school thus far but his perception of those around him will never be the same after discovering that zombies, demons, vampires, shapeshifters and other paranormal entities actually populate the world around him. The disconcerting fact seems to be that they consider him, semi-normal sarcastic teenager, to be a pivotal figure in some major world-changing struggle between good and evil. Nick has the normal teen angst about bullies in school, lack of a girlfriend, an unusual boss and insufficient food to keep a growing boy satisfied but he never expects to encounter Death in the flesh as it were. Snarky comments have to be minimized when the being that you irritate can literally end your life and his companions Pain and Suffering are looking for their own form of entertainment. Add in a new coach who is strongly encouraging less than savory extra-curricular assignments, a bodyguard who is a demon and a boss who is a vampire and a guy could get a serious complex that his life is way too complicated

A nice addition to the young adult series although a little confusing unless one is already acquainted to the beings that populate Kenyon's popular Dark Hunter series. The plot is a bit convoluted with all of the secondary threads that float around and characters that suddenly appear without much background to link them if one is a novice to either the adult or young adult series. Interesting glimpses of the Peltier clan and Simi provides her unique style of charm in this vignette that should whet the reader's appetite for the series.

Book Blurb for Invincible

Nick Gautier’s day just keeps getting better and better. Yeah, he survived the zombie attacks, only to wake up and find himself enslaved to a world of shapeshifters and demons out to claim his soul.

His new principal thinks he’s even more of a hoodlum than the last one, his coach is trying to recruit him to things he can’t even mention and the girl he’s not seeing, but is, has secrets that terrify him.

But more than that, he’s being groomed by the darkest of powers and if he doesn’t learn how to raise the dead by the end of the week, he will become one of them...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00