Indigo Rain

Phoenix Intelligence Agency, #1

Indigo Rain by Taige Crenshaw is an erotic paranormal novella centered around Kalina Erutan, Assassin Agent and Amazonian Warrior. A formidable fighting package with multiple arcane powers to supplement her agility and skills with weapons, Kalina reluctantly partners with Ryne Garon, former Phoenix Assassination Unit icon and current head of Trackers. The duo race to recover the Book of Terra before The Firebird is awakened and destroys mankind but they must deal with their incandescent attraction to each other. They may not be able to overcome Kalina's reluctance to form lasting relationships due to her background. Possibilities of betrayal and memories of past losses may handicap the pair but they may find allies in unexpected places during their quest to save the world.

An imaginative tale with plenty of sizzling scenes. There is a comic book quality to the plot since the abilities of the major characters seem to be limitless without any major handicaps other than psychological scarring from past traumas. The characters are somewhat two-dimensional and the problems are resolved a bit too facilely but perhaps this is due to the limitations imposed by the length of the work.

Book Blurb for Indigo Rain

The legends of old tell that the life of humanity is tied to a book. And in that book is the resting place of the being that can herald Armageddon or our redemption.…

Kalina Erutan does not save anyone. She is usually sent to eliminate the problems. The way she does it is by her own choosing. As an Assassin Agent for the Phoenix Intelligence Agency she lives by a special code of honor. The latest case she takes brings her face to face with her destiny, past and her possible future. Being an Amazonian Warrior she knows what is needed in any battle, but does she know how to save humanity and all the dimensions beyond?

Ryne Garon is known as the Ghost. The most fearsome Assassin Agent until he left and became the head of the tracker unit. His powers as a firebird have saved him and others. Yet when he is faced with the woman who is his destiny, he loses his carefully reigned control. No one will stand in his way to claim Kalina. Not even her aversion to his people.

There is an Indigo Rain falling, washing the world in fire that will consume them or make them reborn …

Contains Adult Content.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75