Imperfect Sword

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Imperfect Sword

The Lost Stars, #3

This is another fun addition to an imaginative science fiction series and it is remarkable how much is still unfolding on multiple fronts. The author does an admirable job of exploring the permutations of dealing with diametrically opposed philosophies while keeping multiple threads going. The excitement, danger, and apprehension of conducting an invasion, no matter how well-intentioned, the difficulties of infiltrating a hostile society, and the challenges of getting accurate information are vividly depicted. I confess that I am a little frustrated that some of the major issues are not getting resolved quicker but that may be due to the fact that I am not quite as enamored with this spin-off series as I am with the Black Jack tales. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining and enjoyable tale of a struggle for survival across the expanses of space.

“The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword” by Jack Campbell, is part of the spinoff series from the exciting tales chronicling the adventures of Black Jack Geary, after the defeat of the Syndicate (‘The Lost Fleet’ series). The Midway Star System is still working through setting up its organization and management under President Gwen Iceni and General Artur Drakon, and not only are they being attacked by the Syndicate, which wants to re-annex the system, but there are internal forces at work as well. The drive to help a neighboring system seems a logical decision, given the information they have to work with, but will their resources be sufficient to allow them to withstand all of the pressures that face them?

Book Blurb for Imperfect Sword

The wait is over. New York Times bestselling author Jack Campbell continues his action-packed spin-off to The Lost Fleet series as the Syndicate’s civil war threatens to spread even farther into the final frontier?

President Gwen Iceni and General Artur Drakon have successfully liberated the Midway Star System?but the former rulers of the Syndicate Worlds won’t surrender the region without a fight. The dictatorial regime has ordered the ex?Syndicate CEOs terminated with extreme prejudice and the system’s citizens punished for their defiance.

Outnumbered and led by junior officers hastily promoted in the wake of the uprising, Midway’s warships are no match for the fleet massing and preparing to strike. But the Syndicate isn’t the only threat facing Iceni and Drakon. Another former CEO has taken control of the Ulindi Star System, the first calculated move toward establishing his own little empire.

With Drakon’s ground forces dispatched to Ulindi, Midway erupts in violence as Syndicate agents and other, unknown enemies stoke a renewed revolt against Iceni’s power?leaving both her and Drakon vulnerable to trusted officers just waiting for an opportune moment to betray them

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00