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I, Robot - To Preserve

To Preserve

Isaac Asimov’s remarkable contribution to science as well as science fiction provides the backbone for thought-provoking stories such as this one. Dr. Reichert continues to expertly immerse the reader in a society that is entirely plausible but reminds one of the biases that would have to be overcome in order to utilize such a remarkable invention to the maximum potential.

This exploration of the implications and permutations of the Three Laws of Robotics is an entertaining addition to the series, and although I think it may be possible to read this as a stand-alone story, it would be advisable to start at the beginning to appreciate all of the nuances. There are certain elements that were pretty predictable and a little inconsistent in light of Susan’s normal perspicacity and one cringes at the carnage that seems to plague her, but the story reveals new facets in both Susan and Nate and I certainly hope that this is not the last of the series.

“Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot: To Preserve: by Mickey Zucker Reichert is the third book in the series that continues to explore the role and fate of robots who have become sentient. Susan Calvin’s life has been fraught with tragedy and violence and the start of her time as head resident on the Pediatric Inpatient Psychiatry Unit is disrupted by an event that challenges the Laws of Robotics and threatens destruction to N8-C, the robot she calls Nate. Susan’s analytical mind must determine a way to solve the conundrum she is faced with, and her allies, new and old, must help her work through a way to save not only Nate, but also the inventor and leader of United States Robots and Mechanical Men, Lawrence Robertson. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same priorities.

Book Blurb for I, Robot - To Preserve

Inspired by Science Fiction Grand Master Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot stories.

2037: Robotic technology has evolved into the realm of self-aware, sentient mechanical entities. But despite the safeguards programmed into the very core of a robot’s artificial intelligence, humanity’s most brilliant creation can still fall prey to those who believe the Three Laws of Robotics were made to be broken...

N8-C, better known as Nate, has been Manhattan Hasbro Hospital’s resident robot for more than twenty years. A prototype, humanoid in appearance, he was created to interact with people. While some staff accepted working alongside an anthropomorphic robot, Nate’s very existence terrified most people, leaving the robot utilized for menial tasks and generally ignored.

Until one of the hospital’s physicians is found brutally murdered with Nate standing over the corpse, a blood-smeared utility bar clutched in his hand. As designer and programmer of Nate’s positronic brain, Lawrence Robertson is responsible for his creation’s actions and arrested for the crime.

Susan Calvin knows the Three Laws of Robotics make it impossible for Nate to harm a human being. But to prove both Nate’s and Lawrence’s innocence, she has to consider the possibility that someone somehow manipulated the laws to commit murder...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00