I Own the Dawn

The Night Stalkers #2

A wonderfully fast-paced glimpse of military life seen through the eyes of women serving on the most elite helicopter squad, the Special Operations Aviation Regiment (airborne), known as The Night Stalkers. The ever present danger that adds to the stress faced by soldiers who are in the minority due to their very gender is depicted in an engaging story. The reluctant metamorphosis of Kee Smith from newbie with a chip on her shoulder to an integral and deadly member of the squadron is balanced by her inexplicable tie to a young girl inadvertently rescued and her cautiously developing relationship with the contradictory Lieutenant Archie Stevenson III who refuses to remain at the distance she attempts to institute by giving him the moniker ‘Professor’. The vivid descriptions of the military situations and the equipment used to execute the various missions give realism and relevancy to this exciting story. A fantastic read and it was pretty impressive to read about Kee’s remarkable Heckler and Koch MSG90-A1 with its night scope...hard to imagine a rifle that costs 5 months worth of pay but wow, what an advantage it gave her!

Kee Smith has had to fight her way up through the Army ranks as she breaks through the gender barrier but she is not willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the Major whose squadron she is assigned to. A young orphan girl teaches her that she still has another side besides warrior and an officer tempts her into flouting the rules about fraternization. An enthralling and exciting military romance.

Book Blurb for I Own the Dawn

Kee Smith battled through a difficult childhood to work her way up the ranks of the U.S. Army. When she finally makes it into the elite Night Stalkers, she feels thrilled, honored, and vindicated...until she finds out she's been assigned to the "girlie-chopper" piloted by the only other woman in the regiment.

Kee is determined to show Lt. Archie Stevenson, one of the male co-pilots, that she is just as tough as the guys. Throughout their special mission, Archie doesn't know whether to make love to her or plant her face-first into the dirt. But he'll do whatever it takes to break through that shield Kee wears around her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50