Hunter Reborn

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Hunter Reborn

Moon Shifter, #5

This exciting paranormal romance is an erotic and thrilling story that starts with a bang and continues to keep one enthralled as events unfold. Despite the fact that I am unfamiliar with the series, I was drawn into the action and intrigued by the wide variety of beings who are interacting, so there is no problem reading this as a stand-alone. I like the richness of the story which focuses on more than just the central pair and gives glimpses of complicated relationships involving several of the secondary characters in this story. The conflict between pack instinct and the actions needed to solve the dangers threatening humans and non-humans alike is deftly portrayed and I enjoyed the complex relationships and the mixture of magic and paranormal elements. I thought this was a very entertaining story and look forward to reading more in the series.

"Hunter Reborn"by Katie Reus is part of the 'Moon Shifter' series and centers around Aidan, a wolf shifter whose bond with his vampire lover, Larissa, was broken 60 years ago. Aidan has mourned her loss but has endured, and he is shocked to discover that she is alive but has no memory of him. Larissa is vampire royalty and is unaware of the events that have transpired for more than six decades, but the undeniable tie that she has for the sexy Aidan confuses her as she is caught between a witch and the shifter who is involved in searching for the reason behind the dangerous escalation of violence due to vampire blood. Aidan and the others in his pack must find a way to defeat their mysterious enemy, but the price for that may be more than he is willing to pay.

Book Blurb for Hunter Reborn

The thrilling new Moon Shifter novel from New York Times bestselling author Katie Reus.

Losing her was the hardest thing he’d ever endured....

Warrior shifter Aiden’s investigation of the trafficking of vampire blood leads to a startling discovery: the beautiful vampire bondmate he thought was dead. Decades ago, they’d defied their powerful families to be together, but then Larissa disappeared without a trace. When their mating link broke, it nearly destroyed Aiden. Now she’s back with no memory of where she’s been. Even more shattering?Larissa claims she has no idea who Aiden is.

Now she’s back....

It’s a race against time to bring down an operation more evil than his pack ever suspected, and Aiden finds himself working side by side with a mate who no longer trusts him?and she wants out. But he lost her once, and he won’t let her go again. Unfortunately, Larissa’s blood is the key to a powerful monster’s dangerous plan?and he’ll stop at nothing to destroy her, sparking off a war between the supernaturals and humans that no one will win.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50