His Slave

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His Slave

This erotic novel explores the carnal world of dominance and submission and gives a different perspective on the mindset of some of those who participate in kinky sex games. It is a little difficult for me to reconcile the heroine’s apparently feisty nature and her immediate acceptance of her role as a slave and the things that the hero puts her through. I didn’t quite expect the story to expand into a paranormal tale and the incandescent relationship that develops between Cheyenne and Mace is sensual but still is a little awkward for me. I enjoyed the inclusion of the character Rio and he provided an opportunity for another side of Mace to be portrayed but the end seemed a bit forced and there are dangling ends which hopefully will be addressed in subsequent stories.

“His Slave” by Vonna Harper follows journalist Cheyenne Stenson as she explores the edgy world of BDSM, ostensibly for an article but ultimately as a way of dealing with her own submissive tendencies. Security expert Mace Brandt is an expert Dom and agrees to undertake the tutelage of Cheyenne at the club Indulgences but she is conflicted by her response to becoming his slave. There are undercurrents swirling around both of them as Mace becomes more attached to the woman that he is ‘training’ and the surprising machinations of their employers turn out to have sinister implications that threaten to change their lives permanently.

Book Blurb for His Slave


Reporter Cheyenne Stenson's latest assignment has her trembling with fear--and simmering with secret desire. Forced by her bosses to infiltrate a sex club and report on her experiences, she's about to play a game she's only fantasized about--with a hard-bodied mystery man she's been thinking about way too much. . .


From the moment Cheyenne finds herself bound and throbbing in Mace's arms, she yearns to yield to him in all ways. But losing herself in her role is a dangerous game. Especially since Mace's only promise is to show her the power of erotic pleasure. . .


The game becomes all too real when Cheyenne's employers become her captors. Now Mace is the only man she can trust. But dare she surrender everything to the stranger who dominates her every desire. . .and is destined to capture her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50