His Sire's New Pet

The Demons Age

This deliciously erotic m/m/m tale is a great introduction to intriguing characters with a Dominant/submissive dynamic which is altered by the addition of a human who is eager to atone for his role in causing his vampire lover to be injured and offer his submission to his lover’s Sire. This was a sensual introduction to an unusual triad in a short story that will whet the reader’s appetite for more.

“His Sire’s New Pet” by Kallysten is the sizzling story that details the punishment that the Master vampire Alan exacts when his Childe, Jeremy, is injured. The twist is that Jeremy has brought his human submissive, Tyler, who wants to take the punishment owed to Jeremy. Alan must decide whether he is willing to accept a new male into his relationship with Jeremy, it will depend on how trainable the new male is and how he reacts to his punishment.

Book Blurb for His Sire's New Pet

As Master vampire Alan returns from a fight against demons, he is furious. His Childe, Jeremy, acted foolishly on the battlefield and was hurt by a demon. For this, Alan will punish him, and Jeremy knows and accepts it, kneeling at his Sire’s feet as soon as he enters their lair. A human accompanied Jeremy home, however: his lover and submissive, Tyler.

Right away, Tyler claims responsibility for Jeremy being wounded and asks to be punished in his place. Alan is initially reluctant to bring a novice into the relationship he shares with Jeremy, but the appeal of playing with a new sub for a night wins him over – and it doesn’t hurt that Jeremy and Tyler look very pretty kneeling next to each other.

Will Tyler endure Jeremy’s punishment until its very end, or will it prove too much for him? And how does Jeremy feel about sharing his lover with his Sire for one night… or maybe more than that?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50