Hot Ice, #5

This is a great addition to an entertaining erotic romance series. I like the fact that Todd is so determined to be true to himself once he makes the decision to throw himself into the relationship with Matthew. He refuses to use this as a way to be the poster boy for every gay athlete, he just wants to be accepted for himself. It was enjoyable watching the flowering of their relationship which combines a wonderful emotional connection as well as an intensely carnal connection. This was another great addition to the series which centers around deliciously sexy hockey players.

“High-Sticked” by Lily Harlem is the delicious fifth book in the ‘Hot Ice’ hockey series that centers around Todd Carty as he discovers that photographer Matthew Foster fills the empty space in his heart that was not satisfied by his previous experiences. The momentous effect his coming out exerts on his career and his relationships is a stress and Matthew’s past experiences adds additional complications but Todd has to evaluate what he is prepared to do to balance his professional and personal lives and he will have to discover who he can count on when he needs support.

Book Blurb for High-Sticked

Dating Todd “Pretty” Carty was a trailblazing, headline-grabbing ride that shocked and divided a team, a sport and a nation. While controversy ruled, our feelings exploded and we couldn’t deny the desire that sizzled between us. Nothing, however, was easy outside the bedroom. Not when my world-class, fearless athlete wanted to shout from Everest that he was in love with another man.

But laying my heart on the line and having my picture dominating the papers was worth it. Everything about Todd turned me on. His bold hockey skills, his courageous attitude and the way he melted in my arms when I kissed him. I melted too, because he knew how to press my buttons, remind me of the man I used to be and take me to those places where ecstasy ruled.

The world might have trouble accepting us, but we’d committed to each other, mind, body and soul, and nothing could change that.

A Romantica® gay male/male erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00