Hidden Cargo

Alien Captors Book 2

“Hidden Cargo” by Sarah Marsh follows the adventures of Cassie, who is kidnapped from Earth and ends up on the island of Ilya on the world of Dolak. Not only is it impossible for her to return home, but her presence is forbidden on this world, which makes it all the more complicated when she develops an interest in a pair of officers who may have to choose between following the law or following their hearts.

This adult science fiction romance novella is part of the ‘Alien Captors’ series and the story drew me in right from the start…probably because, who can resist a puppy? Cassie couldn’t, which got her into all of the trouble in the first place, but amazingly enough, despite her first encounter being with aliens who were jerks, the rest were quite charming. At least most of them. I loved the variety of beings Cassie interacts with, and the fact that her rescuers are quite comfortable communicating with puppies as well as stray humans, and the sensual scenes with the two males who invite Cassie into their home are definitely sizzling. It would be nice to get more depth in future stories but this is a very entertaining quick read that combines humor, passion, and imagination. I am curious about both the preceding and subsequent stories in the series since each of the heroines seems very distinctive and I would like to get to know more about the sexy males who become their mates. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other stories by this author!

Book Blurb for Hidden Cargo

No good deed goes unpunished, or at least it doesn’t for Cassie Decker. Helping someone on the side of the road changed her life—and left her stranded on an alien planet. Lucky for her, two large, green rescuers offer her a second chance at a new life. Now all she has to do is find the courage to reach out and grab it.

Officers Deryc and Gage have a comfortable life on the island of Ilya. It may not be perfect, but they enjoy their work and they have each other. When fate reveals an unauthorized female has been hiding right under their noses, they know they must do their duty—but can they hand her over to an unknown future when she just might be the perfect female for their clan?

The Goddess works in mysterious ways, but will Cassie and her officers realize what they have found before someone tries to alter their paths forever?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2019 4.00