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Heron's Cove

Sharpe & Donovan

“Heron’s Cove” by Carla Neggers is a romantic suspense story that follows the adventures of Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan, both complex FBI agents who engage in a complicated dance of give and take when their respective cases seem to coalesce. Unfortunately, I have not read the first in the ‘Sharpe & Donovan’ series (“Saint’s Gate”) so I am unsure whether the characters would resonate with me better had I done so. This story can be read as a stand alone but I think the complex relationships would hopefully make more sense if the main characters’ shared backgrounds were better delineated. Unfortunately, I was irked by the odd dichotomy of their very intense regard for one another yet their tentative relationship which was displayed in such things as an erratic sleeping arrangement and multiple trips between the regions of Heron’s Cove and Rock Point with very little resolution. Emma’s ascetic background and Colin’s taciturn nature are contrasted with the larger than life Dmitri Rusakov as a search for potential arms dealers and a purported art thief ensnare both the Sharpe and the Donovan families in an increasingly dangerous investigation but I had trouble relating to most of the characters, even as I sympathized with the tragic loss that some of them were dealing with. The author is gifted at creating an intriguing setting and interesting and mysterious characters but I wasn’t enthralled by the story itself.

Colin Donovan is an FBI agent in deep cover. Emma Sharpe is an FBI agent with strong ties to her family business investigating art crimes who utilizes her resources to help the man she loves. Unfortunately, both of them have many secrets and their delicate dance of courtship is complicated by their loyalty to their respective families and their personal codes of behavior. Colin’s search for a mysterious arms dealer inexplicably ties into Emma’s attempt to deal with a mysterious Russian art collection and the inclusion of their respective families in a dangerous investigation may be more than either can tolerate and may require exposing secrets better left hidden and risk lives that neither is prepared to accept.

Book Blurb for Heron's Cove

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers returns with a gripping story of romantic suspense, where FBI agents Sharpe and Donovan must decide whether working alone or standing together is the only way to outwit an enemy set to tear them apart.

When your safety depends on living a lie…

After escaping certain death, deep-cover agent Colin Donovan is back home on the Maine coast with his new love, FBI art crimes expert Emma Sharpe. Then Tatiana Pavlova, a London-based jewelry designer, arrives in Heron's Cove, asking for Emma's help—a prized collection from a lost era of Russian opulence, decadence and rare beauty has resurfaced, and Tatiana warns Emma it's about to be stolen again. And Colin realizes his nightmare isn't over. It's just begun.

And everyone you love is a target…

Emma guards her past closely, and Colin is determined to unlock her secrets. As they investigate the mysterious collection and the equally mysterious Tatiana, they confront their greatest challenge. Now they must count on their expertise—and each other—to outwit an enemy who wants to destroy them and everyone they love most.

Who can you afford to trust?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50