Her Rocky Mountain Defender

Rocky Mountain Justice, #2

“Her Rocky Mountain Defender” by Jennifer D. Bokal follows Madelyn Thompkins as she is plunged into danger during her search for her missing sister. The man known as Roman DeMarco never expects his undercover assignment to be compromised by a determined med school student but his protective instincts make him refuse to abandon her despite the complications she causes. They will need to work together if they’re going to survive long enough to pursue their respective goals.

This adult contemporary romantic suspense story has exciting elements that keep the action flowing but there were some aspects that bugged me (like the cause of his hypothermia) and for some reason I couldn’t really connect with the characters, even though the part of his backstory that was revealed was poignant. The tale is part of the ‘Rocky Mountain Justice’ series and even though it was possible to read it as a stand-alone story, perhaps more of the hero’s background is revealed in the previous volume. I think this is a good light beach read with a few fun and suspenseful twists.

Book Blurb for Her Rocky Mountain Defender

A kiss. A betrayal. An escape?

A Rocky Mountain Justice page-turner

Searching for her missing sister leads Madelyn Thompkins straight into the path of danger…and Roman DeMarco. Wounded physically and emotionally, the undercover agent hardly needs this distraction. When the two collide with a Russian gang, they go on the run—and are drawn together. Their priorities don’t align, but when Madelyn falls victim to a murderous criminal, will Roman sacrifice everything to save her?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 3.50