Heir of Danger

Heirs of Kilronan Trilogy, #3

“Heir of Danger” by Alix Rickloff is the final book in the trilogy that includes “Earl of Darkness” and “Lord of Shadows”. The evil mage Maleodor has obtained most of the keys to allow his to break the enchantments that protect the final resting place of King Arthur but he still needs the stone called the Sh’vad Tual. Brendan Douglas has been running for seven years to escape the repercussions for his ill-advised actions. Elisabeth Fitzgerald has finally gotten over being jilted by Brendan and is about to marry a man who seems to be much more suitable than the man whom everyone assumes is dead. Brendan tries to convince himself that he is just back to retrieve the treasured relic that he left in Elisabeth’s unsuspecting possession but he reluctantly realizes that he can’t leave her to face the repercussions of having had guardianship of the very relic that Maleodor needs to complete his arcane ritual in his attempt to institute rule by ‘Others’ over the entire world. Brendan is being sought by the Amhas-draoi in reparation for the crimes perpetrated by the ‘Nine’ which he initially instigated. Unfortunately, Brendan is unwilling to atone with his life if it means that his brother, Lord Kilronan, will still be at risk. Brendan unwillingly becomes even more ensnared in the attraction that Elisabeth has felt for him as he races to deliver the stone to Scathach without being captured and tortured again by Maleodor or his henchmen or killed by the rest of the Amhas-draoi.

An exciting finish to the series, Brendan must find a way to atone for his past sins while protecting the innocent that he has inadvertently dragged into the complicated and dangerous situation that his life has become. It would have been nice to see more of the characters from the first two books in the series and it is still a bit confusing with the

introduction of the Imnada as well as the odd actions of Jack and Helen and the harper, but there are wonderfully dramatic scenes leavened with flashes of humor as well as a very satisfying climactic scene and epilogue.

Book Blurb for Heir of Danger

A man too dangerous to live . . .

After seven years outrunning enemies, friends, and his own soulcrushing memories, Brendan Douglas is risking everything on a desperate mission. He has vowed to thwart the evil mage M elodor's plans to unlock the past and reshape the future; unfortunately, the precious treasure that is his key to success lies with a woman Brendan jilted seven years before.

A woman determined to find a life of her own . . .

When her golden-eyed childhood hero abandoned her at the altar-disappearing in a storm of magic and mayhem, destruction, betrayal, and disaster-Elisabeth Fitzgerald struggled to put away her humiliation and loss. Finally, she has found a new fianc‚ and a comfortable future. Then, the one man she thought she would never see again appears-among her wedding guests. Brendan Douglas has returned.

An inescapable destiny . . .

It's not just that Elisabeth is promised to another; Brendan knows he is drawing her into terrible danger. But he cannot resist the bewitching, brave, wholly unexpected woman his youthful nemesis has become. He promised to sacrifice everything, but is he willing to sacrifice Elisabeth?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50