Heaven's Fall

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Heaven's Fall

Heaven's Shadow

There is a breathtaking perspective provided in this imaginative tale that explores differences in philosophy and the culture-shock that is inevitable when vastly different paradigms interact. Despite the fact that I have not read the second volume in the series, “Heaven’s War”, there are enough allusions to past events that I was not completely lost. Dismayed, perhaps, at the unfolding of certain events, but not floundering and wondering what has transpired. It is particularly interesting to see things through the lens of a child who has never been to Earth, an even-tempered alien capable of slicing through an assailant effortlessly and an Aggregate formation designated as Carbon-143 which amazingly comes to radical conclusions. There are remarkable developments which prove that Keanu has untapped depths that still need to be explored, unexpected shifts in those previously labelled as hostile and ostracized and a wonderfully intriguing adjustment which definitely whets one’s appetite for the next story. I certainly wouldn’t want to deal with the repercussions that these people are dealing with but I can’t help but be jealous of the vast horizons that have opened for a handful of these intrepid folks and I look forward to seeing more of their adventures.

“Heaven’s Fall” by David S. Goyer and Michael Cassutt continues the thought-provoking science fiction series about mankind’s interaction with aliens as seen through the prism of experiences involving the near-Earth object (NEO) dubbed Keanu. Events that took place in “Heaven’s Shadow” and “Heaven’s War” have resulted in significant changes for both the humans who were gathered up and translocated to Keanu and the remaining human population on Earth. Unfortunately, those entities known as the Reivers (which exist as Aggregates) have taken over and subjugated humans on the planet and they have initiated a major project that may destroy the planet. A small team of humans accompanied by the alien Sentry known as Zeds has launched a daring rescue mission from Keanu, using some of the resources that the Architects who apparently designed the NEO have provided. Unlikely allies on both Keanu and Earth join them in their struggle, with unexpected results.

Book Blurb for Heaven's Fall

Mankind’s first contact with extraterrestrial life led to an incredible revelation. Their last may lead them to extinction.

Twenty years have passed since the mysterious Near-Earth Object nicknamed Keanu appeared in the night sky and transported an assortment of humans from all over Earth into its interior. There they discovered that Keanu was an immense long-range spaceship?and they were not its only inhabitants. They joined forces with the aliens called the Architects, who had come from a distant galaxy to seek help in fighting the vicious Reivers. And they defeated them?or so they thought.

Now Keanu has reestablished contact with Earth?and discovered that the Reivers have, in fact, taken over the planet, placing most of the population under their dominion. A few scattered pockets of humanity, constantly in danger of being assimilated, have mounted a resistance.

As the Reivers prepare a devastating strike against the Architects, Rachel Stewart, who grew up in Keanu, leads a small band of human survivors in an attempt to infiltrate the massive Reiver fortress in the American West. But their only hope for victory may yet be somewhere inside the NEO.

If the men and women still in Keanu cannot find it, humanity will be finished. And the galaxy will be next.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50