Heart Fortune

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Heart Fortune


I love the setting of this entertaining paranormal series and I am fascinated by the telepathy and other mental powers displayed by the beings who inhabit the planet Celta. I always enjoy stories that have animals who can communicate with their human companions and I think the Familiars in this series provide a wonderful twist to the tales, especially given that there was such a contrast between the avian and vulpine perspectives in this particular tale. I also enjoyed getting glimpses of the lives of some of the couples who have been spotlighted in previous stories. I am less enamored of the interaction between the main characters as I had trouble feeling empathy for the hero, despite his very harsh disillusionment as a youth and I was frustrated by the heroine’s willingness to excuse his treatment of her. I found some aspects of Glyssa’s personality to be too forgiving and I was disturbed by her passivity when being oppressed by those around her. The final heroic efforts were a little confusing to me as it seemed that the resources being offered were not used and I am not quite sure why but there are multiple dangling threads which hopefully will be addressed in the next book. I admire the creativity and imagination displayed in this series but disappointingly, this particular story did not resonate with me. Nonetheless, I harbor hope that the next story will help resolve some of the issues left unanswered.

“Heart Fortune” by Robin D. Owens is part of the very inventive series set on Celta that explores humans who have descended from those who colonized after three separate spaceships landed on the planet. An excavation of the ship Lugh’s Spear provides an opportunity, both for Jace Bayrum who rejects any emotional tie and for Glyssa Licorice who not only wants to fulfill her family’s expectations that she become a First Level Public Librarian but also wants to convince her Heartmate to grow beyond the sexual connection that they have shared for so long and deepen their association into a true bond. Jace may never be ready for such a relationship but Glyssa (along with a little help from some Familliars) is prepared to find a way to reach the stubborn male’s heart.

Book Blurb for Heart Fortune

On the faraway planet Celta, there are some forces you cannot fight?

Jace Bayrum has always been a loner. Concerned more with getting an adrenaline fix and making money to live on his own, Jace cares little for family ties or matters of the heart. On the other hand Glyssa Licorice, Jace’s former fling and true mate, is both loving and loyal. She is determined to track down her HeartMate and have him claim her.

After hearing that Jace has been involved in an accident, Glyssa sets out to find him, departing for the excavation site of the lost starship Lugh’s Spear. Though her goal is to help Jace and finesse him into recognizing her as his mate, the excavation itself draws her in?

Thrust by fate into working side-by-side, Jace and Glyssa’s electric connection from years before sparks once more. She intrigues him, and Jace begins to realize that a HeartMate can make a difference. And one as magnetic as Glyssa could be exactly what he has been searching for

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50