Erector Set, #2

This light contemporary erotic romance showcases a couple of intensely driven people who reluctantly acknowledge their searing attraction for one another. Keeping their professional lives separate from their personal entanglement becomes an almost overwhelming obstacle as each struggles with letting down barriers and becoming vulnerable to each other. This was a great addition to the series even though I thought that Alex was a little too bemused by his attraction to the woman who kept giving him conflicting signals. The McMann brothers are a great combination of strong and goal oriented males but I wanted to smack Alex as he kept trying to reach Olivia and I thought the resolution of their differences was a little disingenuous but this was still an enjoyable read.

“Hammered” by Desiree Holt is the second novella in her McMann brothers series, centering on Alex McMann as he crosses paths with Olivia D’Angelo as he and his brothers are being assessed for a project that her company wants completed. The commitment-phobic financial officer represents a challenge to the man who is instantly attracted to her and he struggles to find a way to fulfill her professional expectations even as he tries to break down her walls so that they can act on their mutual desires. A sizzling light read.

Book Blurb for Hammered

Alex McMann is putting his MBA to good use running the business end of the construction company he owns with his brothers. He’s flown high and wide through the female segment of every geographic area in which the company has a presence, and now he’s ready at last to settle down. When he meets Olivia D’Angelo, CFO of one of their client companies, he’s sure he’s found The One.

Olivia is sharp, she’s smart, she’s sassy and she challenges him both in and out of the bedroom, where the sex is hot and plentiful. Just one problem. She has her own issues and isn’t looking for anything permanent. Alex has to convince her that he’s enough to satisfy her for the rest of her life! (Book Length: Short Novel)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00