Grave on Grand Avenue

An Officer Ellie Rush Mystery, #2

This mystery series combines a vivid portrait of the city of Los Angeles with a different perspective of a branch of the police force that provides a unique service to its residents. This, combined with the emphasis on the Asian culture that permeates the stories, gives a unique twist to each tale. There are hidden gems revealed in this low-key tale that give this story a tourist-guide feel and makes me want to do a walking tour of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the characters are not as well-developed as I would like, despite their quirky personalities, and I have trouble establishing a rapport with Ellie herself, as she seems a bit aimless sometimes, and her interpersonal skills seem a little awkward—be it with family, friends, or coworkers. I like that she is gradually gaining self-confidence and starting to get credit for her astuteness and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow in both her private and work environments. I do enjoy that each story teaches the reader new things, whether it is the alternate meaning of grave as it relates to music, or the beautiful oases that can be found in the heart of downtown, and I hope to continue learning new facts about the wonderful melting pot that is Los Angeles.

“Grave on Grand Avenue” is part of the ‘Officer Ellie Rush Mystery’ series, set in Los Angeles, and featuring bicycle cop Ellie Rush. A chance encounter with a gardener at the renowned Disney Concert Hall embroils her in a case that has international implications and may impact both her professional and personal relationships. The group that she used to hang out with has apparently splintered, with her BFF Nay pursuing journalistic leads, and her ex, Benjamin disappearing and becoming incommunicado. She discovers her grandmother has been less than forthcoming about the family history and this will impact her aunt’s political aspirations, and, by using her investigative instincts, she may be able to give sexy Detective Cortez a run for his money.

Book Blurb for Grave on Grand Avenue

LAPD bicycle cop—and aspiring homicide detective—Ellie Rush is back on patrol in the newest mystery from the award-winning author of Murder on Bamboo Lane.

Ellie stops for a friendly chat with gardener Eduardo Fuentes while patrolling one of Los Angeles’s premier concert halls. A few minutes later she’s shocked to discover him lying at the bottom of a staircase, clinging to life and whispering something indecipherable. Nearby, the father of Xu, a Chinese superstar classical musician, claims Fuentes was knocked down while attempting to steal his son’s multimillion-dollar cello—a story Ellie has trouble believing.

Meanwhile Ellie has issues of her own to deal with—like the curious theft of her car, a 1969 Pontiac Skylark. But after the gardener takes his last breath and Xu mysteriously disappears, it’s clear to Ellie she must act quickly before someone else falls silent…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.75