Give In To Me

A H.O.T. Cops Novel

This undeniably erotic novel gives a slightly different perspective on the occurrences that take place earlier in the series ("Party of Three") but I am not sure I am any more enamored of the sexy Rogan Wolfe although I can’t say that he is acting against his tendencies. April is inconsistent in her responses and makes me a bit uncomfortable with her contradictory need to be forced to submit to her lover. An attempt to explain her reluctant desire to give up control still makes that gray line very fuzzy as she engages in somewhat edgy passion games with the dominant Rogan and it is a little surprising that as a policeman he is so inclined to flaunt the law so much. A brief glimpse into the background that has formed the basis for the man who has found a way to reinvent himself shows why he has had such struggles and his responses to the woman who elicits such strong reactions in him offers hope that they will find solace and support with each other. Another hot read about one of those H.O.T. cops in a deliciously sensual series.

“Give in to Me” by Lacey Alexander is part of the spicy ‘H.O.T. Cops’ series that centers around a group of sexy policemen who met during training for handling hostage situations, thereby earning their moniker of the Hostage Ops Team with its all too fitting acronym. Rogan Wolfe is conducting an unofficial undercover investigation when he encounters attorney April Pediston who is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rogan has sought and found a renewed interest in his profession with his relocation to Miami while April seemingly wants to be coerced into acknowledging her need for passion and a life that allows her to shed some of the responsibilities that her siblings and grandmother have allowed her to shoulder. The searing passion that has erupted between them is intensified by Rogan’s tendency toward dominance but April is conflicted about her responses to the sexy cop who demands her trust but seems reluctant to offer it in return until it might be too late for them both.

Book Blurb for Give In To Me

The H.O.T. Cops: Trained to impose the law, but naturally skilled at enforcing pleasure.

Rogan Wolfe is a bad boy cop—the lone wolf on the force and in need of something new to excite him. Now he’s transferred to sexy South Beach in Miami—working undercover and looking for a fresh start.

April Pediston is the epitome of responsible—overworked and under pressure as a high-powered attorney. Then one night, unwinding at an oceanside club she’s never frequented before, she locks eyes with a stranger.

Rogan and April don’t seem a natural match. She’s a total professional. He’s rough around the edges and ready for anything—making April feel totally out of control. And, to her surprise, exhilarated. But stripped of her starched suit, can she really succumb to his every demand? They’re headed to a place of desire and reawakening that’s about to change both their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00