Ghost Times Two

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Ghost Times Two

A Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel, #4

“Ghost Times Two” by Carolyn Hart is a cozy mystery with a twist—the inimitable Bailey Ruth Raeburn, whose afterlife is remarkably busy. Her preoccupation with fashion and predilection for stretching…okay, breaking…the precepts of her role as emissary add just the right humorous twist to these stories. I thought this was a particularly poignant story that weaves a mystery in with a tragic end to a romance that must be resolved before a new relationship can be embarked upon. The artful blend of manners and mores from a bygone era with contemporary scenarios, the hijinks attendant upon a spirit who can appear at will in whatever outfit suits her fancy (precepts notwithstanding), and the reactions of those who willingly or unwillingly deal with her all combine to create a delightful gentle murder mystery that reminds me why I enjoy this series so much. Settle in with a libation of your choice for an afternoon of entertainment featuring a personable ghost with Southern manners, the long-suffering chief of police who has learned to accept her and her assistance, and a murder to be solved…and don’t forget your hanky!

This story is part of the ‘Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel’ series and follows Bailey Ruth as she is sent to convince former news reporter Jimmy Taylor to leave his love and ascend the staircase waiting for him. Lawyer Megan Wynn is ready to move on, to a new job and maybe even a new romance, except she can’t seem to shake the spirit of her tragically deceased love, and then events take a turn for the worse. Bailey Ruth is determined to fulfill the requirements of her newest assignment, and if things get a little more complicated than they should have, well, a little judicious tweaking never hurt anyone…as long as her supervisor Wiggins doesn’t find out, right?

Book Blurb for Ghost Times Two

Carolyn Hart—New York Times bestselling author of Ghost to the Rescue—returns with a new Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel in which one woman shatters the glass ceiling...with a little help from beyond.

Bailey Ruth Raeburn’s latest mission is to guide the happy-go-lucky spirit of a deceased young man named Jimmy to the next life. But Jimmy is determined to watch over his still-living girlfriend, Megan, whom he wants to be happy even without him—which is easier said than done.

As if being haunted by her late boyfriend wasn’t enough, Megan is dealing with an arrogant, manipulative senior partner who threatens to fire Megan’s vulnerable secretary if Megan accepts a partnership at another law firm. She’s in an impossible bind.

Since Jimmy refuses to move on while Megan is being blackmailed, Bailey Ruth agrees to help him. But after the partner turns up dead and Megan is found at the crime scene, Bailey Ruth and Jimmy have to find a way to uncover a killer before the love of Jimmy’s life is ordered to spend a lifetime behind bars...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50