Ghost Seer

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Ghost Seer

The Ghost Seer Series

This fun paranormal tale combines mystical elements with historical events which are examined in a contemporary setting. It is also a touching story of major upheavals in the lives of the two main characters and is filled with intriguing elements and characters. Some of the relationships initially feel a little forced to me even though they set a precedent for interactions and eventually add to the ties that form between the major characters and lay the groundwork for the series. The major decision that Clare faces and the determined refusal to believe that she has special abilities that is mirrored by Zach’s rejection of the idea of seeing ghosts is perfectly understandable but they have to deal with the blandishments by the engaging (and incorporeal) labrador, Enzo, as well as his other presence. Some of the secondary stories are a little awkwardly inserted to me and I just didn’t feel that they were quite logical progressions although I realize that their function was to move the story along. I was fascinated by the author’s dexterity at blending historical facts with a compelling story that attempts to solve some of the mystery around one particular figure. There are fantastic elements that draw one into this story and I look forward to reading what else springs from the fertile imagination of this creative author.

Clare Cermak is a woman who prides herself on her logical approach to life but has to learn to adapt when she inherits her great-aunt’s estate AND her responsibilities. She has supposedly inherited an ability to see ghosts and therefore faces a major life-altering decision even as she is forced to accept that a ghostly dog is determined to help shepherd her on her journey. She discovers that Jackson Zachary (Zach) Slade, who has his own personal demons to fight, may have a significant role to play in her new life, if they both can get past their respective misgivings and his bitterness about the turn his life has taken. Now, can they get the ghosts to settle down and will Clare survive long enough to accomplish that?

Book Blurb for Ghost Seer

There’s just something about Clare. Apart from the ghosts?

When her eccentric aunt passes away, no-nonsense accountant Clare Cermac inherits more than just a small fortune. She receives the gift of communicating with ghosts. While Clare may not believe in spirits, it’s hard to overlook the shadowy talking dog appearing on her bed or spectral cowboys tipping their hats to her in the streets of Denver. And when she locks eyes with sexy?and living?Zach Slade, there’s certainly no ignoring him either.

A former deputy sheriff, Zach is leaving a painful past behind in Montana for a new life in Denver as a private investigator, a job that has him crossing paths with beautiful Clare. Not that she minds. After the restless ghost of a Wild West gunman demands her assistance, Clare finds herself needing Zach more and more?and not just for help.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00