Geared for the Grave

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Geared for the Grave

A Cycle Path Mystery, #1

One of the things that makes cozy mysteries so much fun is that the focus is not on the gory aspects of murder, but rather on the somewhat madcap adventures of the quirky folks trying to solve the crime. This story is a prime example of how that can be done successfully. The introduction to the colorful characters who occupy the island not only makes one crave fudge, and eye formerly frozen fried foods with a jaded eye, but also causes the reader to alternate between choking on laughter and gasping at the twists and turns (or is that vice versa?). This is a fantastic introduction to the series and I can't wait to find out what other adventures Evie has, provided she can survive her encounters with suspected assassins and crime bosses, and stay away from poison ivy or other things that are hazardous to her health. What a gloriously entertaining read!

"Geared to the Grave" by Duffy Brown is the start of the 'Cycle Path' mystery series, which is set on Mackinac Island. Evie Bloomfield has reluctantly come to the island in a last-ditch effort to get a promotion at work, but she never imagines that would require joining the locals in solving a mystery while maintaining a tourist-friendly atmosphere. Helping her boss's father spruce up his bicycle rental shop takes ingenuity, but to keep him from being accused of murder, she will have to combine courage and resiliency...and maybe enlist the help of the sexy temporary chief of police, Nate Sutter, provided he doesn't arrest her first.

Book Blurb for Geared for the Grave

Mackinac Island is a peaceful summer resort town where everyone coasts through the streets on bicycles. But after someone sends a prominent local on her final ride, it’s up to one resourceful visitor to get things running again?

Hoping to shift her chances of a promotion in her favor, Evie Bloomfield heads to Mackinac Island to assist her boss’s father. Rudy Randolph has broken his leg and operating his bike shop, Rudy’s Rides, is too much to handle by himself. But Evie’s good turn only leads to more trouble?

After Evie’s arrival, wealthy resident Bunny Harrington dies in what looks like a freak bike accident. Upon closer inspection, Bunny’s brakes were tampered with, and now the prime suspect in her murder is also Bunny’s number one enemy: Rudy. So if Evie hopes to stay on her boss’s good side, she’ll need to steer Rudy clear of jail. Now she must quickly solve this mystery so she can put the brakes on the real killer’s plan

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00