Seraphine Chronicles, Book 1

This sensual and fantastical story introduces an intriguing set of females, each with her own special powers that will alter the future of several races. The intriguing contrast between the cave-dwelling Tanzinites and the powerful Nordain which are known as the Sky People forms a backdrop to a conflict that is being fostered by a traitor who has strong ties to the Nordain ruler. The hapless female Tanzinite who has been forced to live amongst humans and fey has a strange and powerful allure despite the forbidden nature of any relationship between the Nordain and Tanzinites. There were multiple storylines started in this entertaining tale that blends very carnal scenes with a introduction to a variety of very powerful males who have unique powers that will undoubtedly complement the women who will capture their hearts. The combination of mental links as well as physical ones add to the delicious mysticism of the tale and the unexpected connections that are gradually being revealed make one anxious to read the rest of the stories in the series. Fortunately, this is a series that has been re-released, so those like myself who are new to these stories will not have to wait impatiently to discover what unfolds in the mysterious world detailed in the Seraphine Chronicles.

“Forbidden” by Cheyenne McCray is Book 1 of the ‘Seraphine Chronicles’, an erotic paranormal series that centers around a very special trio of orphaned females who have been raised together by a cruel and vicious guardian who was paid for their care yet still found a way to exploit them. Liana has abilities as a Seer, who has visions of the future yet tries desperately to avoid the fate that has been prophesied, the mating of a Tanzinite maid with the bitterest of enemies, a Nordain male, giving him rule over every race. When the hated Sorcerer Zanden decides to claim her just before her twentieth season, Liana flees, right into the arms of yet another forbidden Nordain, Aric. The ability to shapeshift is second nature to Aric and his allies but Liana does not expect to have such close contact with these remarkable beings and she is even more overwhelmed by her introduction to the Seraphine Elves who celebrate carnal pleasures enthusiastically and believe that they can help Liana determine her own destiny as well as the destinies of all of the races of the kingdom of Dair. Liana must figure out whether she, a wingless female, can truly determine the fate of all of the races by mating with a winged Nordain and if so, which course will ensure that all of the races maintain their freedom rather than hated subjugation.

Book Blurb for Forbidden

Stolen from her parents at birth, Liana has been kept prisoner, untouched. She is meant only for an evil, powerful man, once she’s of age. She has lived her life in fear of the time when he would finally take her. Instead of waiting for that fateful day, she has carefully laid her plans to flee.

Aric has been watching the beautiful Liana. He has sworn to protect her from the evil that awaits her, but he can think of nothing but touching her in ways no man ever has before. He wants her with a strength that is nearly overpowering, but he knows he must not follow through with those needs and desires.

Under the cover of darkness, Aric steals Liana away, out from beneath the clutches of evil when it finally comes for her.

Even though Aric is to protect Liana and forbidden to touch her, he can’t stay away from the lovely, sensual woman who lights his world on fire and draws her to him in ways no other woman ever has before.

But evil is nearly upon them, bent on taking Liana and killing Aric. Together, Aric and Liana must overcome a terrible destiny that could mean both their futures…and their lives.

Please Note: Forbidden is romantic erotica and will singe your fingertips! Forbidden was originally published with Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00