Forbidden Embers

A Dragon's Heat Novel, #3

"Forbidden Embers" is the third `Dragon's Heat' novel by Tessa Adams. Logan Kelly, dragon-shifter and sentry for the Dragonstar clan that is based in New Mexico, takes matters in his own hands to attempt to end the biological warfare attacks that are decimating his adopted clan. Drawing upon his past before the Dragonstars accepted him as one of their own, Logan attempts to infiltrate the Wyvernmoon clan in South Dakota to identify and destroy the insidious virus that they are using as well as the clan itself. Prepared to do whatever is necessary, Logan is astonished to encounter the Wyvernmoon princess, Cecily Fournier, outside of the safe perimeter of her clan. A heated encounter leads to a forbidden attraction that causes each to question the feasibility of following their desires versus pursuing their wildly divergent goals. Cecily is struggling to gather the reins of power and guide her leaderless clan despite their traditional disdain for women in power but she is struggling against her own ruling Conseil composed of contentious factionnaires. Logan fights to reconcile the apparently naive and innocent princess with the evil and inimical actions that her clan has perpetrated on his. The addition of the California-based Shadowdrake clan to the struggles may be the final straw in the equation as Logan faces a choice between loyalty and desire.

A fantastic addition to the series that is filled with passion and intriguing characters. Logan is deliciously and devastatingly attractive and Cecily, although apparently a repressed weakling up until now, demonstrates a marked capability for learning, both as a leader and as a previously unattached female. A deft description of the blossoming of each of these injured souls as they fill a lack in one another's lives and learn to mesh as a couple. The sensual scenes are nicely intermingled with the mounting tensions as each character's goals seem to become more and more unreconcilable and even though the resolution is a bit forced, the story is an overall very entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Forbidden Embers

Erotic fantasy so hot it breathes fire.

Desperate to save his clan from deadly biological warfare, Dragonstar sentry Logan Kelly infiltrates the dangerous Wyvermoon clan- by posing as a rogue dragon. But his plan is compromised when he falls for Cecily, the Wyvermoon queen...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50