For the Love of a Soldier

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For the Love of a Soldier

This evocative historical romance pits a plucky heroine against a war-scarred veteran in a tug of war that is both poignant and humorous. Their unconventional introduction sets the tone for their entire relationship that slowly evolves into a mutually supportive arrangement that employs skills that each has developed through their sometimes painful experiences and gradually blossoms into a deeper association. The give and take is entertaining to watch and the secondary characters provide added depth to the story. I felt that the events leading up to the final confrontation weren’t quite set up as thoroughly as they could have been and that there were a few nebulous explanations that are lacking but the overall story was very well-written and engaging. This story provides a sobering look at the hardships and disturbing aspects of war and its aftereffects and forgotten victims which makes the actions of the main characters even more admirable as they each try to provide support to those who have been otherwise abandoned. I look forward to more works from this talented new author.

“For the Love of a Soldier” is a beautiful debut historical romance by Victoria Morgan. Garrett Sinclair, Earl of Kendall, survived the carnage immortalized by Tennyson in his poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, but he didn’t survive unscathed. He has been fighting his sense of guilt at surviving and has not really healed from the damage to his psyche. A game of chance with a desperate opponent who repays his kindness by warning of a threat to Kendall’s life prompts him to evaluate where he is going with his life and whether he wants to just exist or is prepared to actually live again. Lady Alexandra Langdon has fled from her own nightmare but discovers that she is ill-prepared to resist the inexorable force housed in the determined ex-soldier. They join forces to attempt to save his life but Alexandra may need other interventions if she is going to find a future of her own.

Book Blurb for For the Love of a Soldier

From an enthralling new voice in historical romance comes a heartfelt tale of love, deception, and redemption in the face of mortal danger…

Captain Garrett Sinclair, the Earl of Kendall, has returned to England a changed man. As a survivor of the legendary Charge of the Light Brigade, he has spent months as a remorseless rake and dissolute inebriate in order to forget it. But Garrett has also made powerful enemies who want him dead…

Desperate and down to her last pound, Lady Alexandra Langdon has disguised herself as a man for a place at the gaming tables. But when a hard-eyed, handsome man wins the pot, he surprises her by refusing her money. Indebted, she divulges an overheard plot against his life, and promises to help him find his foes—for a price.

But even as Alexandra fights her growing desire to reveal herself—and her heart—to the determined Garrett, she cannot shed the fear that the cost of her alliance with the earl may be a price too dear: her own secret betrayal.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50