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A Souls of Fire Novel, #3

“Flameout” by Keri Arthur continues a unique saga about a world that contains phoenixes, vampires, and mad scientists. I am always fascinated to get immersed into this author’s version of phoenixes although I am frustrated about the relationships in the story because they aren't as neat and tidy as I would like. I think a glossary might help because I was floundering at first, trying to remember who was connected to whom, and whether he or she was a bad guy or not. This is a creative series that is inventive and slightly unnerving in its postulation of what could be happening around us while we are oblivious to the implications. I am not terribly pleased by one of the twists, even as I admit that it was probably inevitable. I think that it would be difficult to join this series in the middle, so read it from the beginning. There are thrills and chills and emotional scenes in this entertaining read, and I am particularly anxious to see how things are going to play out from here.

This urban fantasy is part of the ‘Souls of Fire’ series and continues the saga of female phoenix Emberly, who is continuing to fight against the insidious spread of the red plague, supported by her varied allies…although some of them may be more helpful than others and it is up to Emberly to figure out who to trust. Unfortunately, the dangers are escalating, and threaten everything and everyone Emberly holds dear, and the price for succeeding in her fight may be much higher than she is prepared to pay.

Book Blurb for Flameout

New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Embers cranks up the tension in the next Souls of Fire novel, featuring Emberly Pearson, a phoenix who assumes human form to fight death at every turn.…

Emberly and her red hot partner, Jackson, have hit an impasse in their battle against the crazed humans infected by a plague-like virus derived from vampire blood. Their quest to unearth the leader of the group leads them into an ambush—and leaves Emberly at odds with her former lover, Sam, who’s pressuring her to join his Paranormal Investigations Team.

To make matters worse, three local witches have been kidnapped—and if their spells fall into the wrong hands, Emberly’s powers could end up smothered. With time ticking until the virus consumes the world, Emberly and Jackson must race to save the witches, find a cure, and smoke out their nemesis—or go down in a blaze of glory...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00