Enchanting Mandalas

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Enchanting Mandalas

Mini Pads of Color

“Enchanting Mandalas: Mini Pads of Color” from Barron’s is an amazing pad of forty designs on 6”x6” cardstock that will provide a wonderful template to stimulate one’s creativity. At first I was concerned that some of the designs were on black background, because I feared it would be overpowering to color. I admit that I don’t think colored pencils have enough impact on the designs that are mostly black, but wow, things really pop when markers or colored pens are used. Naturally, one has to use very fine tips if markers are chosen because some of the sections are quite small.

I think what I am most fascinated by is the way the colors are muted by all of the black around them and become a different shade than expected, but I have to say, working on just one particular section for about fifteen minutes at a time does have a wondrously calming effect. You can just turn off most of your brain and focus on the challenge of staying within the lines (or not, lol). The selection of the colors to use, contemplation of whether colors complement, and the decision about whether to leave sections uncolored to provide negative contrast all combine to give one a sense of accomplishment in being an artist. The end product is beautiful, no matter what one’s skill level, because it starts out as a lovely design and adding color just enhances it.

These designs definitely provide many hours of entertainment, as it took me a couple of weeks to finish just one page, but I had such a happy feeling of accomplishment when I was done. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the finished product! This is such an economical gift to yourself or someone else, and will entertain young and old alike.

Book Blurb for Enchanting Mandalas

Get your coloring fix on the go with books from the Mini Pads of Color series!

This uniquely formatted adult coloring book resembles a mini notepad in shape and size, and fits perfectly into a purse, diaper bag, or briefcase. In Enchanting Mandalas, you’ll discover magical mandala designs that are just waiting for your special splash of color. You’ll find yourself completely absorbed in these gorgeous images as you create something unforgettable. All of the titles in the Mini Pads of Color series let you color on the go so you can relax and recharge wherever and whenever you like. Each book features an attractive foil cover, while inside, colorists will find 40 tear-out illustrations. Color each page to your heart’s content, decorate it, and hang them up for everyone to see.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 5.00