Eightball Two-Three

Wings of Gold, #1

I don’t think I would categorize this work as romantic suspense although it does open with a breathtaking and exciting scenario. The delicious realism that allows the reader to share the pulse-pounding danger and experience what is happening in the cockpit of a helicopter makes this an intense read, and the euphoria of graduation juxtaposed with the glimpse of Eric’s background makes his subsequent experience even more poignant. This is a great quick introduction to a couple of larger-than-life characters and gives a tantalizing glimpse of elements of their respective characters, while detailing how O’Dwyer acquires his nickname, ‘LZ’. I suspect that, if I hadn’t already become a fan due to my enjoyment of “Beyond the Call of Duty” that stars this intrepid and sexy pilot, I would have joined this author’s fan club after reading this deftly written vignette.

“Eightball Two-three” is an adult military novella by Tracy Tappan that is part of the ‘Wings of Gold’ series and gives a brief look at Eric O’Dwyer and Kyle Hammond as they begin the adventures that will characterize their relationship as each goes on to utilize the skills he has been taught. The dangers and complications of assuming anything will be run-of-the-mill are highlighted and Eric’s ability to improvise on the fly and keep his cool are demonstrated in a couple of diametrically opposite situations.

Book Blurb for Eightball Two-Three

**Meet the heroes of the first two full-length Wings of Gold novels in EIGHTBALL TWO-THREE.**

Years ago in flight school, Ensign Eric O’Dwyer is on the verge of graduating from naval flight training. He has only one flight left to complete at training squadron HT-8, home of the “Eighballers,” before he earns himself his wings of gold. The day of his final solo, Eric’s copilot, Ensign Kyle Hammond, is to act as no more than a warm body…

Until everything goes horribly wrong.

Fresh from the cockpit of his near-death solo flight, Eric makes it to graduation, only to find that he is a lone man in a sea of his buddies’ celebrating relatives. He finds solace in the arms of a most unlikely woman the night before shipping out to San Diego…and learns more about himself than he ever planned.

**Lieutenant Albert Bobcheck, Eric O’Dwyer’s former roommate in flight school, stars in an uplifting novella of second chances in CLEARED HOT.**

High school sweethearts Albert Bobcheck and Jessica Larsen parted ways one heartbreaking prom night. Now ten years later, Jessica has a fulfilling career—except she is anything but fulfilled—and Albert is a Navy helicopter pilot for the HSM-48 Vipers out of Mayport, Florida. Currently deployed off the coast of Iran, Albert is thrown unexpectedly into a SEAL mission gone wrong…so wrong he faces his final moments on earth. Will tragedy separate Albert forever from the only woman he ever loved? Or will it offer him the second chance he always wanted?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.25