Dream Unchained

This imaginative and spicy paranormal tale features a remarkable number of multiple partnerships where sexual prowess and inventive fantasies are definitely encouraged. I have not read the first two stories in this particular series (“Dream Catcher” and “Dream Bound”) but there is enough background in this story for it to be read as a stand-alone although it probably would be better savored with prior familiarity with the various groupings. There are multiple complicated relationships being balanced, both same sex and opposite sex and many of the humans have had to reevaluate their preconceived notions of whom they consider the ideal lover. The intriguing explanation for the condition of the planet Mars as it is seen today is a bit sobering but there are multiple examples of the author’s facility for envisioning creative scenarios, including the use of a gray squirrel as a host and the difficulties of communicating when one is a sentient group of sparkly energy. A nice conclusion to the series.

“Dream Unchained” by Kate Douglas continues an imaginative series involving a group of aliens known as Nyrians who tend to be in the form of energy but have been enslaved to provide the power for their captors, the Gar, to destroy entire civilizations. Remarkably, a method to help them escape and achieve corporeal forms involves humans enjoying sexual fantasies and the Nyrians are able to harvest energy from sizzling sexual encounters. Many of the humans and Nyrians have formed intimate partnerships which should allow the Nyrians to finally escape their imprisonment and hopefully destroy the inimical Gar but their human allies, led by Mac Dugan, are also under attack. The Nyrians’ freedom may be purchased at too high a cost, if it can be achieved at all.

Book Blurb for Dream Unchained

After years of searching, Mac Dugan has finally found his dream lover. But now he faces the prospect of losing Zianne forever to the alien race holding her captive. With the fate of Zianne and all the Nyrians in the balance, Mac and his dream team enter into a realm of desire like never before. As they work together, the amazingly powerful sensuality of their carnal fantasies energizes the Nyrians, giving them the strength they need to survive...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00