Dragos Takes A Holiday

A Novella of the Elder Races

This fun glimpse of one the leading Elder races family gives a touching picture of the way the dynamics have changed now that Dragos and Pia are parents, yet the flame of attraction still burns hotly between them. The delightful anomalies involved with their respective powers add to the allure of this tale which is an entertaining quick read. I suspect that those who are new to the series might be a bit confused as there is not much exposition on the various characters and their respective backgrounds yet there is plenty of magical action to enthrall and enough spice to keep the reader warm on a cold winter’s night. I loved the juxtaposition between Dragos' role as the doting papa and the ruthless leader of his people and look forward to many more tales of this fascinating family.

“Dragos Takes a Holiday” by Thea Harrison is a paranormal romance novella that continues the story of Dragos Cuelebre and his family. A little finagling has the welcome result of Dragos taking his family with him for a much-needed retreat. His mate Pia's judicious display of books on treasure hunting gives incentive for searching the waters around the Bermuda triangle for a particular sunken ship, much to the dismay of treasure hunters who have decided to claim the spoils themselves. Dragos’ offspring, affectionately known as Peanut, continues to grow rapidly both physically and magically, but he is little match for the determined predators he runs afoul of. Fortunately, Dragos has not lost any of his protective instincts nor his propensity for ensuring that the world runs according to his personal dictates.

Book Blurb for Dragos Takes A Holiday

The Bermuda Triangle. Pirates. The Peanut. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragos Cuelebre needs a vacation. So does Pia, his mate. When the First Family of the Wyr head to Bermuda for some much needed R&R, it's no ordinary undertaking - and no ordinary weekend in the sun. Between hunting for ancient treasure buried beneath the waves and keeping track of their son, Liam—a.k.a. Peanut, whose Wyr abilities are manifesting far ahead of schedule—it’s a miracle that Pia and Dragos can get any time together.

They're determined to make the most of each moment, no matter who tries to get in their way. And did we mention pirates?

For fans of DRAGON BOUND and LORD’S FALL, passion, playfulness, and adventure abound in this Elder Races novella. (29,500 words)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00