Dragon's Honor

Paranormal Protection Agency

This refreshing paranormal tale is filled with humorous interludes even as it provides an exciting and sensual story. There is a fascinating array of twists to the typical lore associated with various paranormal beings (e.g. washing the blood out of a redcap’s hat to kill it) that makes this an extremely entertaining story. I really enjoyed the snark between the two brothers as well as the imaginative tweaks such as having one brother sneak in undetected by acting as a living tattoo on his sibling and there are so many humorous images that I found myself chuckling constantly. Honor is fiercely independent as is shown by “She was the hero of her own tale and she’d damn well rescue the prince instead of vice, versa, if she wanted to.” and the guys are not only sexy but playful. “This was more fun than the bubble-wrap at the office...now kept locked up due to the fact that every time any of the office staff went to get some, it was all flat.”

I was really enthralled by the story and the interactions between the characters BUT I thought the story ended really abruptly with a lot of dangling threads and I don’t even know if the villain was actually apprehended, let alone how or why the brothers suddenly developed an ally or what happens to the very young hostage. I loved the story and really want to see more of these characters but I would like to have better resolution. I definitely will be looking for other stories by this talented author.

“Dragon’s Honor” by Mina Carter is a fun paranormal romance novella that features two shapeshifting dragons who are brothers plus the human they are assigned to protect, Honor Croft. Baron and Duke are shadow dragons who don’t know much about their heritage since they were abandoned at an early age. Their assignment results in them each finding a female who is going to be their respective mates but naturally their paths are not going to be easy. First the threat to Honor Croft’s life has to be eliminated, a task that will require considerable finesse and utilization of all the abilities the brothers can manifest, and even that may not be enough for them all to survive.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Honor

It was supposed to be a simple job. Bodyguard duty for a wealthy businessman's daughter. But the Paranormal Protection Agency don't do simple so shadow-dragons Baron and his brother Duke find themselves going undercover as human of all things. Their mission: to protect Miss Croft and dig up some dirt on her father to tie him to the illegal trade in paranormal slaves rife in the city.

Dissent and rumors amongst the staff at the Croft house make them wary, but neither expect redcaps and trolls to attack in the middle of the night, or for the most startling revelation of all: Honor Croft is Baron's mate.

When a crazed warlock steals her away, will Baron be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00