Do or Die

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Do or Die

Reluctant Heroes, #1

This thrilling adventure tale combines romance and danger in a roller-coaster tale that leaves one breathless and exhilarated and anxious for more. The intensity of emotion that Ms. Brockmann evokes with her characters is readily apparent as more and more of each person’s history is revealed and the traumas that they have endured already is enough to make one cringe. It would be nice to have a little more information about the heroine at some point. Admittedly, she is a cipher to Ian and the reader as one wonders about her underlying motives but eventually it would be nice to learn some of her history. One of the reasons that I enjoy these tales so much is that the heroine, although not necessarily adept in the risky world she becomes immersed in, has talents of her own and deserves respect. The other two females spotlighted in this particular story are competent and intriguing and I hope to see them get their own stories as well. Naturally, I would also love to read more about Julian and the rest of those involved with the Troubleshooters but I certainly look forward to learning more about the complex characters introduced in this very entertaining tale.

“Do or Die” by Suzanne Brockmann is the exciting start to the ‘Reluctant Heroes’ series and introduces the very reluctant prison inmate and former SEAL team leader Ian Dunn who seems to be plagued by a wealth of unwanted expectations, including an unexpected lawyer who practically refuses to be fired, Phoebe Kruger. This thrilling saga blends several very emotionally wounded characters, multiple gut-wrenching decisions, danger from an dismayingly persistent collection of villains and both established and blossoming romances, in other words, a typical masterful creation from this talented author. There is a delightfully surprising twist to the exposition of one set of characters and a very complex interconnection between a mind-boggling number of the players in this particular story. There are only the barest allusions to a couple of characters from the beloved Troubleshooters, Inc. series with the exception of Martell Griffin who is ensnared in the complicated situation that results from his attempt to salvage an assignment that went terribly wrong and which may result in horrific consequences for everyone involved.

Book Blurb for Do or Die

He’s not your typical Navy SEAL. Nor is he your typical Troubleshooter.

He’s the guy who pretends he’d rather walk away. The guy who gets involved with the rescue of two little kidnapped children only because he has to—because he’s essentially blackmailed into helping. Or so he claims.

It’s fun to watch his head explode as he meets his match in a smart, funny heroine who sees beneath his facade and stands up to him every step of the journey.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.75