Dinosaur Shapes

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Dinosaur Shapes

“Dinosaur Shapes” by Paul Stickland is a cute book for very young children that is filled with brightly colored illustrations that aid in teaching about basic shapes using friendly dinosaurs. There are basic exercises in identifying particular shapes with a summary at the end. I thought this was an excellent combination of colors, shapes and size comparisons and my only concern is that I don’t think the book will stand up to the sometimes rather strenuous handling that very young children subject books to, i.e. I think that it probably would be better as a board book.

Book Blurb for Dinosaur Shapes

Who is on the biggest square? How many circles are there? How many sides does a rectangle have? Toddlers will love learning about shapes with the cutest, friendliest dinosaur family ever! The colorful creatures put on a happy show as they play with everything from triangles to ovals, diamonds, and stars. Each spread features the labeled shape on the left side, and the dinos interacting with it on the right-along with a fun question about each one.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00