Dinosaur Opposites

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Dinosaur Opposites

“Dinosaur Opposites” by Paul Stickland has vibrant illustrations but I think that the concepts were not well conveyed. It is possible that the words were too abstract to depict as I was confused by some of the comparisons, perhaps the words should have been positioned closer to the dinosaur that they pertain to. Even the expressions such as sweet and grumpy or happy and sad are not quite exaggerated enough to reflect those emotions. Perhaps a ruler to demonstrate the difference between short and long and the ‘fast’ dinosaurs in front of the ‘slow’ one would be more effective. Beautiful drawings but not quite effective.

Book Blurb for Dinosaur Opposites

Short, long

Weak or strong,

These dinosaurs are the BEST!

Opposites attract! Here come Paul Stickland's dinosaurs, this time in arranged pairs, all the better to teach children a new concept. They lumber slowly or zip by fast; behave nicely or are naughtily bad; act sweet or grumpy; and feel happy or sad. Each brightly colored prehistoric creature will entertain and captivate kids.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.00