Dinosaur Numbers

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Dinosaur Numbers

Dinosaur Roar!

“Dinosaur Numbers” by Paul Stickland is a very cute book that has delightful illustrations of dinosaurs who help teach little ones to count. The catchy rhymes combined with the appropriate number of dinosaurs on each page make this a fun way to learn. My common complaint with this series is my concern about how well the book will withstand rough handling but I still think this is a great way to teach a young child about numbers.

Book Blurb for Dinosaur Numbers

ONE big dinosaur standing all alone …

TWO hungry dinosaurs biting on some bones. Kids can really count on these delightful dinosaurs! The adorable characters from Paul Stickland's best-selling Dinosaur Roar!—Squeak, Fierce, Meek, Tiny, Slimy, Spiky, and Lumpy—are perennial favorites with the preschool set, and they're here to teach numbers from ONE to TEN. These irresistible creatures will skip, run, sing, and play their way into kids' hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50