Dinosaur Colors

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Dinosaur Colors

“Dinosaur Colors” by Paul Stickland provides a vivid collection of drawings depicting eight different colors. I would think that it might be a little confusing since some of the dinosaurs have more than one color on them besides the featured one and again, I have my concerns about how well the pages would survive the handling by very young readers. I also love the drawings of the dinosaurs but I think that the footprints that track across the bottoms of the pages should match the feet of the dinosaurs depicted although I realize they are just there to illustrate the particular color.

Book Blurb for Dinosaur Colors

Dinosaur red, dinosaur blue, dinosaur yellow … and purple, too! As they chomp bones, munch leaves, jump in the air, and leave bright paw prints everywhere, Paul Stickland's delightful dinos offer a humorous and fun introduction to colors. And at the end, the creatures all come together in a gloriously vivid prehistoric panorama. What a colorful finish! With its very simple text, appealing art, and adorable characters, this will become a favorite with toddlers.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.75