Devil's Bargain

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Devil's Bargain

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The Devil’s Bargain by Jade Lee follows the adventures of Lynette as she is groomed to marry a wealthy gentleman by Adrian Grant, Viscount Marlock.  Lynette, the daughter of a clergyman, takes her fate into her own hands after the death of her father and strikes an unholy bargain to be trained as an acceptable bride for a wealthy husband.  It is understood that the goal is to be a self-sufficient widow within a decade after her wedding and Viscount Marlock has undertaken the task of training and educating “Marlock girls” in return for renumeration to restore his impoverished estates.  The training includes deportment and pretty manners but also entails an introduction to sexual intimacies and the various preferences that jaded men become enamored of.  Marlock attempts to keep his distance from his temporary charge but finds himself even more attracted to Lynette than he was to her six predecessors.  He must face his own shortcomings and decide what his priorities are as he trains his final “Marlock girl” who has a mind of her own and may teach him a thing or two about relationships.

A different perspective on the lengths that some women must go through to obtain financial security with a glimpse of the dangers that face unprotected women who deal with unscrupulous men seeking their own gratification.  A somewhat disturbing look at the occasionally distasteful underpinnings of the alternatives available to a young woman in her search for financial security leavened by a few of Lee’s sensual erotic scenes. 

Book Blurb for Devil's Bargain

A minister's daughter, orphaned and poverty-stricken, finds herself in the hands of a dark and dissipated viscount who promises to solve all her problems by preparing for her marriage with a little hands-on training.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00