Desert Warrior

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Desert Warrior

"Desert Warrior" by Nalini Singh is a sweetly romantic story set in an exotic land. Jasmine defies her family and travels to the country of Zulheil to comfort Tariq al-Huzzein Donovan Zamanat, the newly elevated Sheik of Zulheil after the tragic death of his parents. She has no idea that Tariq did not make an empty threat four years ago when he warned her that a trip to his country would be one-way because he would not let her leave again. Their stormy parting four years prior when she complied with her family's wishes and refused Tariq's suit caused serious emotional damage to each of them but each reacted differently. Tariq is nursing his broken heart and has trouble believing that Jasmine has changed her ways and refuses to allow her to ever have that kind of leverage over him again. This does not prevent him from wanting to tie her to him forever but she is unable to convince him of her sincerity despite her intense love for him. Only when they each can unburden themselves of their deepest fears will their love be able to flourish.

An enjoyable light read that conjures up the series romances that combine foreign locations, strong forceful males and a malleable female who has been suppressed all of her life but seeks refuge in the arms of the man who sweeps her off of her feet. The author does a wonderful job of creating likable characters and fascinating and alluring exotic climes woven into a sweet romance.

Book Blurb for Desert Warrior

The fabled desert kingdom of Zulheina was Tariq's birthright, and he was a man who held tightly what belonged to him. And that meant he had to reclaim a very special woman--the woman who had broken his heart years before in New Zealand. And once he had lured her to this distant land, he meant to keep his new bride here forever....

But Jasmine Coleridge was not as easily tamed as he had imagined. Her beguiling blend of untouched innocence and dazzling sensuality threatened, once again, to bring the haughty sheikh to his knees--and made him wonder who was the true prisoner....

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00