Delicious Danger

Book 3 in the Phoenix Agency

Desiree Holt continues the Phoenix Agency series with the sensual suspense tale "Delicious Danger". Rick Latrobe meets and is immediately attracted to Kelly Monroe while he is briefly in the States to oversee a major shipment of weapons destined for Iraq. They spend a sizzling night together but are not sure about the intensity of their attraction which will have to take a back seat to Rick's immediate mission. Kelly's companion, Xena, is a Caucasian Ovcharka who not only is fiercely loyal but displays psychic tendencies. Xena shocks Kelly by her ready acceptance of Rick and continues to send messages through her actions and thoughts regarding threats to his life. Rick's organization struggles to keep him alive while Kelly and Xena refine their connection to each other and to Rick himself. Rick thinks that there is some problem with their contacts in Iraq but can't quite decide what is causing his uneasiness until his life is threatened both in the United States and in Iraq. Rick, Kelly and Xena must refine their interaction as a team if all will survive to explore the undeniable bond that is developing between all of them.

A very entertaining addition to the series that blends Holt's trademark sizzling erotic scenes with a fascinating look at the Phoenix Agency's functions. A fascinating new addition to the psychic talents of the Agency in the form of an opinionated canine who is determined to protect those that she considers to be her charges, even if it means that she has to hone her ability to send specific messages. The blend of the mystique of psychic phenomena with the gritty realism inherent in the description of the struggles being played out in many world theaters and the dangers of dealing with fanatics who disregard the cost in human lives to achieve their goals make this both a currently relevant and enjoyable story. The author continues to present her yummy alpha males and the capable kick-ass heroines who enthrall them in intriguing situations that fascinate and entertain the reader. A spicy and thrill-packed read.

Book Blurb for Delicious Danger

Kelly was shocked when her Caucasian Ovcharka, Xena, bonded with Rick Latrobe. The dogs are known for linking with only their owners. She’s even more shocked at the intense sexual heat that sizzles between her and Rick. When she tumbles into bed with him at the very first opportunity, experiencing a night of erotic bliss in his arms, she knows they have something special.

But Xena is very much aware when an attempt is made on Rick’s life, and the dog drives Kelly crazy with signals of danger. Rick is nearly killed and Kelly and Xena are ferried to the secret clinic where he’s recovering. As Rick heals and they race to find the mastermind behind the attempted murder, the lust between them heats to the boiling point.

Publisher’s Note: You just can’t keep a good story down. Previously published as Scent of Danger with The Lotus Circle and then Cerridwen Press, this book has been revised and the bedroom door opened for Ellora’s Cave.  

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50