Deep Within Me

The Prophecy, Book 2

This sensual paranormal tale continues to explore the amazing healing powers of a woman and her father as they are caught in a vicious struggle between warring clans. The sexy Neekoma brothers have learned to re-evaluate their priorities as the shocking events that threaten to split their clan asunder continue to change the hierarchy of their society. There are interesting developments that give a new twist to the story and a few unexpected occurrences that set the stage for additional tales in the series and it is recommended that one read the first book in order to better understand the sequence of events in this one. I am glad that there is some progress in Liz’s relationships but feel that there is a very awkward change in Zeke’s interaction with his clan which seems to be a little out of character. The villain(s) seem a bit two-dimensional and the events that lead up to the final conflict are a bit too contrived to me but there are definitely mysteries still to be solved that make me curious about subsequent occurrences. An entertaining light read.

“Deep Within Me” by Tina Donahue continues the ‘Prophecy’ series and picks up immediately after the events in “Come Fill Me”. Liz Munez and her father are healers, but a horrendous event has altered Liz’s powers and clan leader Zeke Neekoma fears for the woman who has become so important to him and his brother despite his clan’s antipathy to her. Zeke’s visions and his clan’s unrest threaten to destabilize their entire existence, especially since the opposing clan is determined to retrieve their assets, Liz and her father, no matter who they have to destroy to accomplish it. Liz is determined to use her powers despite the cost to herself and Zeke may be faced with an impossible decision, especially after an unsettling revelation from an unexpected source.

Book Blurb for Deep Within Me

Unrestrained desire…danger without end.

For one agonizing moment, Zeke Neekoma thought his most feared vision had come true. Liz was lifeless in his arms, murdered by her own clan for one traitorous act—loving him. Then her father’s healing touch brought her back.

She hasn’t emerged from death unchanged. Now her healing gift leaves her drained, weak. Worse, Zeke is still tortured with visions of a woman covered in blood.

Liz aches for a future with Zeke, to always know the thrill of his body imprisoning hers with mindless pleasure. At her reanimation, she redoubles her determination to use her healing gifts to help his people—except Zeke refuses to allow her to use them.

But with her clan leader set to launch his next attack, Zeke and Jacob have no choice but to try to heal Liz with the same sensual force she used to save them. Yet it may not be enough to avert a merciless plan that will test Zeke’s humanity, risk Liz’s life—and threaten their timeless bond.

Warning: Features a determined hunk and a babe who won’t be tamed, loads of lusty sex including some menage, a ton of unrelenting peril, and love that knows no limit. In other words, a romance hot enough to vaporize steel.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50