Death Magic

World of the Lupi Book 8

Death Magic by Eileen Wilks is another gripping story of the Lupi featuring FBI agent Lily Yu and Rule Turner as they continue to battle the upcoming war. The aftermath of the events from Blood Challenge continues and the side effects are intensifying to the point that Lily's life may be threatened. The formation of a Shadow Unit that is going to operate outside of the law causes conflict in Lily who is used to operating by the book but those who are trying to start the war are not going to comply with any rules. Lily's boss Ruben is still under attack but the lupi have received instructions from their Rhejes to unite and ally with him. The allies are under attack from various sources and a surprising change causes an upheaval in the newly formed Shadow Unit while Rule must come to terms with the priorities in his life which causes him a severe conflict in his loyalties. The dragons and Rhejes have their own agenda which they are not sharing with anyone else but they do attempt to help Lily as she struggles with the burden that she willingly accepted even as she tries to determine why she is suddenly seeing a ghost intermittently. Both Lily and Rule must face that they may lose their very lives in the attempt to keep the clans from being utterly destroyed.

The World of the Lupi series is an enthralling series that continues to have fresh elements which fit seamlessly into the fascinating world that Wilks has created. The deep passions and sometimes overwhelming protectiveness displayed by the various male characters are leavened by the presence of equally strong personalities displayed by the females. This is another great addition to the series and should garner even more fans while cementing the loyalty of those already familiar with the series.

Book Blurb for Death Magic

Recovering from an attempt on his life by an FBI traitor, Lily Yu's boss forms a ghost unity that will operate in secret-and outside the law. Lily's conscience won't let her join. Her fiancé, lupi Rule Turner, has no such reservations. But when a senator is killed, Lily's decision becomes a matter of life and death-and all the magic in between.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.75