Darkness Devours

A Dark Angels Novel, #3

“Darkness Devours” by Keri Arthur is the third title in her ‘Dark Angels’ series and features Risa, a hybrid of an Aedh and a werewolf mother who was horribly murdered. Risa has an ability to walk in the gray fields and talk to souls and unlike most individuals, she is able to see reapers. Her involvement in the loss of one of the keys that can unlock the portals of heaven and hell leaves her vulnerable to blackmail and/or a death sentence by the Directorate of Other Races. Her complicated love life encompasses the werewolf reporter Jak Talbot who betrayed her in his pursuit of a story about Risa’s mother as well as the mysterious Aedh Lucian who thinks their incandescent sexual relationship entitles him to plunder her mind at will. There is also the issue of her bodyguard Azriel who is a reaper/shape-shifter and their tangled relationship which has intensified during their struggle to find the keys. An assignment by the Directorate threatens Risa’s life as she attempts to discover the perpetrator of a series of horrific crimes even as the threat of the missing keys and the dangers posed by the Ania demons who seek to capture her cause additional complications. The more she discovers, the less likely she is to survive long enough to accomplish any of her goals!

An intricate and thrilling urban fantasy filled with sensuality, violence and imagination. Risa is a contradictory mixture of tenacious and competent warrior combined with conflicted and vulnerable lover. There are so many factions and different agendas entertwined in this tale that it would probably be helpful to read the first two novels in the series (“Darkness Unbound” and “Darkness Rising”) first but this tale is mesmerizing in its own right. The steamy interludes interspersed with the sometimes horrific occurrences that she is involved in reflect the contradictory state of Risa’s life, including the chaos engendered by her attraction to such disparate lovers and make this an intriguing yet sometimes uncomfortable read. Be forewarned, there is no final resolution by the last page but one will definitely be curious to see how the story continues to play out and impatient to read the next volume in the series.

Book Blurb for Darkness Devours

Half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa Jones can enter the realm between life and death, and she can see the Reapers who collect the souls of the dead. Now, she is using her gifts—and the investigative know-how of a man who broke her heart—to find a cabal searching for the power to control time, reality, and fate. And this is besides her work for the Vampire Council, half of whom want her dead.

But for now the Council needs her alive. Someone is killing blood-whore addicted vampires, and Risa must find the guilty party. If she succeeds, she may finally convince the council to lift the execution order on her life. But before she succeeds, she must first survive…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50