Dark Seduction

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Dark Seduction

Altered States

“Dark Seduction” by Cheyenne McCray is a novella that is part of her ‘Altered States’ series and features Tori Adams. Her position with the Paranormal Intelligence Agency entails many covert operations that don’t always operate according to standard rules but she never expects to be assigned to spy on the man with whom she had a sizzling and memorable weekend encounter, especially after her superiors indicate that he is a threat to the United States. Her special powers make her ideal for the job but her heart and gut instinct make her reluctant to accept her newest assignment.

Logan Savage is developing a controversial and world-changing device called the Cerebral Voice (CVP) and is surprised when his employee and former girlfriend abruptly resumes their relationship, especially because he was so strongly attracted to Tori after their immediate intimate connection. His precognitive ability is sending him odd images of the sensuous Tori despite her apparent rejection of him after their weekend tryst. A threat to his company and his sensitive project requires that he use all of the resources at his disposal, including his ability to become invisible, but he must also solve the mystery of why he sees Tori in his visions even though she seems to be out of his life. Both Logan and Tori will have to face difficult decisions to determine who they can believe and how to keep the Cerebral Voice out of enemy hands

An imaginative paranormal tale that mixes people with incredible powers with scientific advances that are almost too frightening to consider. There is a mild comic book quality to the story but the author’s usual deft descriptions of the passionate encounters ensure that this is definitely a story for adults only. An entertaining light read.

Book Blurb for Dark Seduction

Despite the fact that Tori Adams wants nothing better than to relax with a good beer alone in the local cop hangout, she meets Logan Savage who turns her world around. After an evening of cat and mouse, they end up spending one of the hottest weekends together that she’s ever experienced. He’s everything she could ever want in a man—in bed and out.

Tori is a freelance undercover agent for the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. The PIA is a highly secretive government agency that does whatever it takes to accomplish its missions, including black ops. Tori has special “talents” that make her one of the most sought-after assets in the underground world of espionage.

What she didn’t expect was Logan to be her next undercover assignment. He’s the owner of Savage Industries, one of the most respected private tech firms in the U.S.… And according to the PIA, he’s also one of the bad guys. The PIA reports he’s close to selling elite technology that his company has developed to a foreign faction. If he’s successful, that would prove extremely dangerous to the U.S. government as well as all governments around the world.

Logan fell hard for Tori, but she’s not returning his calls. It’s as if she’s disappeared. He begins spending time again with his ex-girlfriend, Carla. He finds her somehow different than she’s ever been and he’s drawn to her in ways he hadn’t before, despite his feelings for Tori. He only knew Tori for one weekend—one incredible weekend—but he still finds it hard to forget her despite Carla.

But his paranormal talents are telling him something is wrong… And he intends to find out exactly what that is.

Tori feels like she’s being ripped apart. Thanks to her abilities, she’s able to take the identity of Logan’s ex-girlfriend, Carla. Tori can’t help falling for him even harder than before.

He’s the enemy, she has to constantly remind herself.

It’s not long before her true identity is discovered. Logan feels betrayed but needs her to recover the technology that the PIA has stolen. Tori learns that things aren’t as they seem and soon she’s playing double agent and trying to recover what she’d been assigned to steal.

In a game of lies, betrayal, and high stakes, Tori and Logan are forced to work together and stop what is one of the most dangerous thefts ever to happen in the U.S. At the same time they must trust each other, and trust a love that rises from the ashes.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00