Cowboy Jackpot St. Patrick's Day

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Cowboy Jackpot St. Patrick's Day

This sensual cowboy romance provides an entertaining glimpse of the possibilities to be had in the fascinating city of Las Vegas. Although it is part of a series, each title can be read alone and provides enjoyable glimpses of the characters from previous novellas. Jayden’s youth and enthusiasm complement Stormie’s personality wonderfully and it is great to watch them bring out the best in each other. The sizzling interaction between them provides a nice counterpoint to the delightful romances and accomplishments displayed by the various members of their group and I look forward to reading more adventures with these irresistible cowboys and their self-reliant women. My only wish is that I could find those generous games of chance when I go to Las Vegas!

“Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day” by Randi Alexander is part of the fun erotic romance series set in Las Vegas which features hunky cowboys and the women who capture their hearts. Jayden Hancock is not quite sure whether something momentous happened the month before when he helped celebrate his friend Rance’s engagement to Kira. Stormie Thompson knows she has to remind the sexy cowboy Jayden that he is tied to her but never expects to win a jackpot with him as well. There are a few complications that they need to resolve before they can begin the celebrations but they find a way to get the most out of their stay in Vegas!

Book Blurb for Cowboy Jackpot St. Patrick's Day

Stormie Thompson has only one reason for being in Las Vegas; to seduce rodeo bronc rider Jayden Hancock. Thinking she’s the reason for all his bad luck, Jayden wants only to avoid her. But when a lucky mistake at a video poker machine makes them both big winners, Jayden realizes Stormie may be the best thing that’s ever happened to him, especially when he gives in to her seduction. When she finds evidence that Jayden is interested in what she has instead of who she is, can he convince Stormie to ignore her suspicions and trust her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50