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A Dark Alliance Novel, #2

“Concealed” by Kate SeRine follows Madeline Blake as she struggles to maintain her professionalism in the face of personal challenges, particularly those caused by having to work with her ex-lover, Jack Grayson, who is just as mysterious and uninformative as ever. The machinations of the Illuminati who seem determined to destroy the Dark Alliance don’t seem to be the only danger they face, and their inescapable attraction for one another only complicates matters—or maybe it makes their path all too clear.

This romantic suspense story is part of the ‘Dark Alliance’ series and is filled with exciting and dangerous feats featuring larger-than-life agents engaged in a series of moves and countermoves against their ruthless counterparts. Although it has all of the requisite elements—a mysterious society with plans to rule the world, the dedicated agents determined to stop them—I didn’t quite feel a connection to the characters and I felt lost for much of the time, trying to figure out who had what motive and why there were two different sets of bad guys. I suspect that this should not have been read as a stand-alone book and hope there is a foundation laid down in the first book in the series that explains things in a little more orderly fashion. The author did a good job of detailing creepy villains and exciting and violent fight scenes but the issues with wresting control from the older generations and the potential or realized betrayals seemed to make things more complicated and obscure than I was comfortable with and there are a lot of dangling threads that undoubtedly carry over into the next book. Those who appreciate secret societies and adventures with mysterious undercover agents will probably enjoy this story, but my advice would be to read the first book in the series first.

Book Blurb for Concealed

As the only female initiate of the elite undercover society, the Dark Alliance, former FBI agent Madeleine Blake has a lot to prove especially to her former lover, Alliance operative Jack Grayson. Ever since joining Jack s team, Maddie s been keeping her distance, trying not to relive every moment they shared during their brief but passionate affair. Yet when a mission ends in tragedy, Maddie s ready to walk away from the Alliance and Jack forever. That is, until Jack s cover is blown, putting his life in danger and making it impossible for Maddie to deny her true feelings

Before he met Maddie, Jack Grayson thought happiness was impossible for a man like him. After all, he has a price on his head that requires him to live in the shadows, concealed from everyone and everything he cares about. But now that they're on the run for their lives and Jack has Maddie in his arms again, he realizes their love is the only thing in his life that's real. And this time, there's no way in hell he s letting it slip away

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 3.50