Cold Reign

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Cold Reign

Jane Yellowrock, #10

“Cold Reign” by Faith Hunter is an entertaining addition to the collection. The stories in this series are both mind-boggling and a thrill to read, with their fascinating blend of paranormal, fantasy, and mythic elements, not to mention the sexy and capable characters that abound. I love the appropriateness of the title, with its dual meanings that reflect the weather and the intense vampire struggle for power and control. Now, I admit, there are so many connections and significant events that have occurred in the past books that sometimes I am a bit lost while I comb through my memory (and realize that I have missed a book or two!) and try to figure out what ties and artifacts are significant, but that doesn’t prevent me from having fun with the story.

There are intense emotions and creepy developments that permeate this particular adventure, and just when one is trying to catch one’s breath after an intense fight and enjoy a brief respite…something else goes wrong! I kept losing track of who was allied to who and why it was important, so I suspect a new edition of the “Jane Yellowrock World Companion” would come in handy. Nonetheless, the dual point of view between Jane and Beast (and the interesting discussions they have), the snarky repartee with those she depends on and who depend on her, the underhanded maneuverings of Leo and his allies and enemies, plus the arcane intervention of beings who seem to have a vested interest in some of the conflicts make this a breathtaking addition to the series. The odd talents Jane has acquired give this particular story a superhero feel as she runs around batting bullets out of the air and whatnot, and seeing some of the Onorio talents is pretty impressive as well.

I particularly love the arcenciels, and any book with an appearance by them, however brief, is delicious…and even more so when the pragmatic runs into the fantasy (who worries about a bathroom break when getting the chance of a lifetime? Jane, of course). Those who are squeamish should definitely not be reading these stories, as bloodshed and decapitation abound, but those who love a kickass female who speaks her mind and refuses to be manipulated…enjoy!

This urban fantasy is part of the ‘Jane Yellowrock’ series. Skinwalker Jane’s role as Enforcer for the vampire Leo Pellisier, Master of New Orleans, is particularly challenged by the upheavals accompanying the machinations of European vampires who are reviving ancient alliances and threatening to repossess the American lands. A horrendous lightning storm is wreaking havoc with Jane’s system and the arcane powers sparking may be part of an insidious plan that will destroy the fragile alliances that hold New Orleans together.

Book Blurb for Cold Reign

The adventures of Jane Yellowrock continue with a thrilling new installment in the New York Times bestselling series that captures “the essence of urban fantasy” (SF Site).

Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker…and the woman rogue vampires fear most.

Jane walks softly and carries a big stake to keep the peace in New Orleans, all part of her job as official Enforcer to Leo Pellissier, Master of the City. But Leo's reign is being threatened by a visit from a delegation of ancient European vampires seeking to expand their dominions.

And there’s another danger to the city. When she hears reports of revenant vampires, loose in NOLA and out for blood, Jane goes to put them down—and discovers there’s something unusual about these revenants. They never should have risen.

Jane must test her strength against a deadly, unnatural magic beyond human understanding, and a ruthless cadre of near-immortals whose thirst for power knows no bounds…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50