Coaxing his Skittish Lynx

A Paranormal's Love, #7

This story provides an interesting twist on paranormal beings who form very unusual pairs. The complications of being a gargoyle who is immobile during half of each day is evidently offset by the sensual solutions available once a bondmate is found but, having not read the earlier stories in this series, I was a little confused by all of the creatures wandering around, not to mention the pregnancy which boggles my mind as I try to figure out the logistics of delivery. The complications that this particular couple have to overcome are stunning and very disconcerting to me and I am not sure I particularly believe all of the developments but I do admire the creativity that went into this story. This is a fun and spicy light read.

“Coaxing His Skittish Lynx” by Charlie Richards is an erotic m/m paranormal story that is Book 7 in the ‘A Paranormal’s Love’ series. Roland is an Iberian lynx shifter who has been raised in captivity. When he is freed and ends up in a gargoyle compound, he must face both the fact that he has been stunted by his past and that his mate is evidently a male gargoyle. The question is whether he is going to get an opportunity to explore his options or will he be trapped in limbo forever.

Book Blurb for Coaxing his Skittish Lynx

For the last twenty-five years, Roland’s Iberian lynx had been used as an attraction in curiosity shows. One night, strangers take him away. Upon waking, he’s disoriented and scared…until he recognizes the scent of his old friend, Vane. Separated when Roland was sold and Vane wasn’t, Vane had since been rescued, and now offers the same freedom to Roland. With the force of Vane’s entire gargoyle clutch behind him, Roland finally feels like he can make a new start. Except, one of the gargoyles claims that they are mates, but Roland can’t sense it, revealing a secret he never wanted exposed.

Tobias is thrilled to discover that Roland is his mate until the lynx shifter denies their bond. When the pretty shifter declares he can’t bond with anyone—and Tobias learns the life-changing reason why—Tobias vows that it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll stand by and care for his mate through any difficulty. His devotion is quickly called into question when dangers from Roland’s past force Tobias to spend time guaranteeing his mate’s safety instead of spending time with Roland. Can Tobias prove to his mate that he truly wants him and doesn’t consider Roland just another duty?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50